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Even my exes were simple, NOT bad boys. Create Your Profile by Registering Below! You Will be Charged a fee if you upgrade to a membership Close Register. Online Backup. But no, I wouldn't. Yes No. Jess4U2 Xper 1.


Ah, the bad boy. It goes without saying that most of us have gone through a bad boy or bad girl phase in our dating careers. It makes sense — bad boys and girls are sexy and unpredictable. However, as much as these sexy creatures are fun and exciting to be around in the moment, trying to date a bad-boy or girl long term is a completely different story. Not sure whether you have a bad boy or bad girl on your hands? Instead, most of us are drawn to people who are confident and self-assured. Bad boys and girls take this to a whole other level. They withhold affection until exactly the right moment. Cliff diving. Your bad boy or bad girl loves anything that pushes the limits of everyday life and gives them that much desired adrenaline rush. Listen to them. End of story. Online Dating. Web Hosting.


Girls do fall for the wrong guy as simple as that. And the bad guy is always a player. Itsmeeeee77 Not all of us! Even my exes were simple, NOT bad boys. And definitely not players. Geeks, nerds, bad girl dating bad boy weirdos I tend to be drawn to the cute, source types I don't know why.

I know some women do, but the appeal isn't there for me. They won't get better, I explained in the take how it's irrepairable and I'm not bad girl dating bad boy in doing so anyway. Share Facebook. Would you date a bad girl or a bad boy? Add Opinion. Everyone has a different definition of continue reading. Some may consider me bad for smoking weed and dropping acid while others would consider that kinda tame. Some would think im good because i can count the girls I've been with on one hand.

Im into the punk look and id like a girl who knows how to have fun but if im going to date them then i need someone reliable and trust worthy. I won't even say that they need their shit together cuz we can all lose our shit dating brno english and it might bring us closer if we work through things together.

Xper 7. Yeah, I really dig chicks who smoke and drink Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. I'm sure she'd really enjoy me quoting Bible verses to her, like Deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double-tongued, or addicted to much wine or fond of sordid badd, Stay away from them ladies.

Absolutely not. The whole bad boy personality doesn't appeal bad girl dating bad boy me dtaing all. Never did. I don't want to "fix up" or hope he changes his ways. I want a guy that has his life in order, doesn't have a criminal record, and treats me with respect! Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. I reject these terms. They distill people down into mere caricatures too much.

I think the only way to discuss it is by going over the specific traits in detail. No, I actually try to avoid people like that. They are usually nothing but trouble. I was over that phase by the time I was SarahNiemann Xper 5. Nah, I guess Hollywood bax us to believe that they are more exciting! She still loyal to me in bed she can shake her ass all she wants. Would it make me jealous probably so, But jealously can be used good in bed i would assume Note date but I hooked up with a bad guy and it was so much fun but next time when we met to hookup again, his dick did not get hard supposedly he had erectile dysfunction coz either he fucked other woman a lot or check this out missed his girlfriend who shifted abroad.

Send these bitches straight to 6ix9ine or Wiz Khalifa so adting they can dance there half naked and twerk. I won't click down a pussy to drill however :.

Not anymore, its a pain im the ass, click here are unpredictable and can also ruin are europe gay hookup app are life.

I've dealt with enough people booy have had drug and alcohol problems for life. Not that they are bad people but they seriously need help. Also getting held at gun or knife point when they are in a mood isn't fun. There is nothing glamorous about it. Joker and harkey Quinn aren't a wonderful love story. I've lived it and trust me, you don't want it. I want a good guy whos a good man and bda be a good husband, father, son, brother, etc.

My xating of a bad girl would be someone who is cruel to other people and NOT just bda. So no, absolutely not. I need a good house man who can be a good that to my kids. I am not wasting my time with useless people. Xper 6. No, I managed to skip that phase completely and I'm happy about it. Jess4U2 Xper 1. Yeah when we experience that in the house hold we experience trauma at times where these boh beliefs that develope from that can be what determines our destiny either we become the aggressor it victim.

By believing that was the way to bad girl dating bad boy and ok. So it's best seek help it advice. Harris Xper 1. I dont like that kind of person I hope your family relations can get better family first family forever!!!

So at times you're bad or good. But constantly bad wouldn't work because you need balance. I might have at some point in my teenage years, but now I just wanna find a good guy to settle down with. He ended up being less a bad boy, just a bad boyfriend. No I don't want to spend half my life visiting a husband in jail or taking beatings because the bacon wasn't crispy.

Im too old for a girl in that phase. I get it, young, rebellious and living life, she's just not for me. If "bad" means anti-social or unhealthy, then no. If it means unconventional, then yes. But she was just a really cool person. She dipped and smoked. Her personality was great not her bad habits. Chriscunning Xper 5. Yeah I would. They not as apologise, free dating in kent uk pity, more easy going, happier to try new 'kinky' things.

Bad like in murdering people or assaulting people? I have done. It was probably the best relationship I've ever been in. A bad girl is dating traffic in the slightest compatible with a nerd like me. Things with no well defined definitions have their meanings up to the users for some part. I did the bad bad girl dating bad boy shit when I was young, might do it again if my dies before me.

Thats dqting my dick still works then. No not really. I always think of that Kesha girl riddled with STDs and fake rape accusations. People seem to be confused on what the girp "bad" means. And no, I would not. I do not need more negativity in life. NewZion Xper 7. Bad girls are hot, at least to me. They don't play that "shy shit". I love bad girls-they usually are slutty so you get sex early and its often eager.

They are no good for long term though is ANY woman? Looking at my 1st ex with the amount of daddy issues she had and whatnot, i'd say i've dated a bad girl yeah lol. A bad girl is of high price, high maintenance, many complications, and low value.

It would be dating down. I can't afford to date down.