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Lucy's big brown eyes go wide yet she pushes her rear end up so that it would be easier for Natsu to slide off her mini-skirt. Lucy comes back with full force, causing him to moan into her mouth once again. Now, she begins to see him in a different light, however small that light may shine. She squeaks as the cold air nips at her mounds, making them go hard and perky. By this request, Lucy is taken hostage and Fairy Tail is beaten to the ground, literally - the guild had iron poles sticking out in every which way. Natsu smirks at her seductively and in the next instant, he is completely naked, DragonSlayer reflexes at work. His hot breath tickles her ear as he whispers in a sly tone, "And I'm all for doing that right now.


Summary: To get Mirajane off their butts about how they should 'get together', Natsu and Lucy decide to fake a relationship. But, is it really faking for Natsu? Hello readers from around the globe and welcome to Lucy and Natsu's [Fake] Relationship, another one-shot by mwah! I really hope you all enjoy this one-shot as much as you enjoyed my other ones. I always love reading the sweet reviews and watching as the favorites and follows pile in! You all rock! Damn, my first smutty fanfic…I hope I don't do badly! The fanfic idea, on the other hand, DOES belong to me and you can and will be punished by law if you steal it. Thank you for reading this disclaimer. Sweat forms on her brow as she feels eyes burn into the back of her head. Lucy's fist clench and her body begins to shake as she slowly turns her head and her big brown eyes meet Mirajane's blue ones, which were narrowed in suspicion. Lucy squeaks and quickly turns away again, staring back at her partner and best friend, who raised an eyebrow at her.


This is just a small one shot story that came to my mind when I was dozing off the couch praying for the rain to come. And there, my imagination left the universe again and went somewhere where Lucy, Natsu and Happy might be. It is definitely obvious that Natsu Dragneel fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy dating Lucy Heartfilia's company enjoyable.

That is why, most of the guild members can't help but think if there is something going on between the two. It is not like they don't really want to meddle on them, but even though how much they are itching to know the real score between them, there are still some things that they know they must stay out of the line. They may be known as a rambunctious and infamous guild, but that doesn't mean that they don't know how to respect someone's privacy.

The only person they know who will do that despite of all their reminders is Natsu. This boy is a pain in the ass. He just doesn't know when to stop. It is really impressive that Lucy can handle him somehow. It is very surprising for them to be bored, because knowing Natsu, he will surely find a way out to kill his time either by fighting Gray, eating fire or perhaps, by pestering Lucy. We're too lazy to go out on a job, I can't cheer Natsu because he refused to fight with Gray and—"Happy was reciting his list when Cana spit her booze out way too close to Natsu only if he didn't dodge.

Should I call Porlyusica? Maybe she's the one who need to go to Porlyusica. Fighting with Gray is awesome but it happens a lot. I want something new today. They are so busy with their talk that they didn't notice Lucy approached them.

Walking slowly, she heard by pure accident or not, the topic they are talking about. She tucked a hair beside one ear before clearing her throat to let them acknowledge her presence. Who would go out fishing in this pouring rain? Natsu immediately rose as he place both hands on her shoulders to keep her in place, their faces just a span away. Don't you like it Lucy? Cana let out a smile on herself.

There are times that she really doesn't know what to think anymore between Natsu and Lucy, not like she's really paying that much of attention. She just happened to notice them everyday and would wonder about them seconds later. Things like 'Are they for real? Or are they really just best friends? They care for each other. When someone is down, the other one will surely cheer the other up. They are acting and doing what most of normal friends would do but there are some instances where Natsu will definitely do something absolutely incredible for Lucy just to make her smile.

One of those marvelous ideas is uprooting an entire Sakura tree, hire a boat, tie it there, sail it down the river, and make sure Lucy will see it. They are simply inseparable. There never comes a day that Natsu will be all alone without Lucy in sight and same goes for the blonde. Girlfriend wont hook up always go together, eat together, laugh together—she won't be surprised if one day, she will just hear that they already slept together!

But still, her smile didn't go unnoticed by Cana. Lucy can pretend all she wants that she doesn't care or she can act like she is totally irritated or annoyed but deep in herself, she is happy. Cana can't speak for Lucy's feeling because she doesn't know everything but she knows, her trust towards Natsu is immeasurable. It has never been a year since they became partners but do act like they have totally known each other for years. Fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy dating only Acnologia didn't steal their time, who knows, maybe those two aren't just friends anymore.

Then again, who knows what is bound to happen? You can foretell but fairy tail fanfiction natsu and lucy dating still depends on how you will act. Everything still lies in your hands.

Don't worry Lucy! Fishes are not scary even it is rainy season. In fact, they must be the one who will dating jharsuguda scared because of you.

Do you really want me to come? While trying to catch the exceed, she lost her balance and almost tumble down. Thanks to Natsu's fast reflexes, he was able to more info Lucy before she falls. Happy flew near them. Of course I want you to come. It agree, signs youre dating an immature guy can surely be fun, right Natsu?

Cana also received thanks from Natsu for speaking to them joking that if she hadn't, they must have been gone crazy by now. Typical Cana, she just charged them a barrel of booze for her self-proclaimed precious time which was laughed out by Lucy. It's more fun now that Lucy is here! Natsu took the umbrella from her making him remove his arm on her shoulder. Lucy took the chance to grab Happy and hug him to her chest making the both of them warm.

Happy snuggled closer to her, enjoying her warmth. They're giving me a headache! Those two! How can they act all so friendly and lovey dovey at the same time? Or maybe she's just too drunk that she's starting to imagine things? They noticed the dagger looks Private dating scan blackpool is showering Natsu and the apologetic look when he is glancing at her. He is scratching the back of his head while giving her an awkward smile.

Dating site for nurses and doctors Lucy-sama! Please forgive me Lucy-hime! Please forgive us Lucy-hime! Please forgive us! Acting all so friendly again, then later on, acting all mushy mushy and stuff! Cana somehow managed to memorize their relationship cycle. I told you to just stay on your bed. It's sad there cause I' alone. Come on. No whining. Bring me down!

Kami-sama arigatou! Juvia has come finally! So I'm planning to add another chapter here, but I'm still contemplating whether to add or not.

What do you think? Should I write another one? I am also planning to start a chapter story speed raleigh nc Nalu but I'm afraid it will not come out good because it's pretty dramatic.

I'm so depressed and I don't know why I'm feeling like this… The feeling continue reading came to me uninvited. How are you there guys? Please excuse my wrong spellings and any grammatical errors. I'm too lazy to reread it right now. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Everyone in the guild wonders what is the real score between Natsu and Lucy but they seems to have the slightest idea of their real relationship. Are they for real or just mere best friends? Or maybe they are still on their way to where their guildmates wanted them to be? Who knows This is the story of Natsu and Lucy's relationship.

Let's see to where visit web page will end up. Enjoy reading! I'm not in the mood if you want a fight! You're refusing a fight? Not with me but with Gray?

She suddenly became worried as she touched his forehead to test if he's not sick. Lucy opened her pink frilly umbrella, fully aware of the blush creeping on her cheeks. I know. Besides, it's always fun when we are together.