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Having acne as a teenager was one of the most emotionally shattering things I've ever gone through. I was eating the same foods as my friends, living the same life — why was their skin so great and mine so AWFUL? It began as a handful of teenage spots when I was 13 but quickly escalated — my skin turned an angry red and it felt as it every pore was a zit-in-waiting. People started offering advice, even if I didn't ask for it - usually those with flawless skin who assumed I must be doing something wrong. Had I tried acupuncture? Allergy testing? Giving up chocolate? Er, yes, I'd tried it all thanks. One Christmas I was even given spot cream by a family friend — beautifully wrapped up under the tree. When my skin was really awful, about 14, my Dad took me to the doctor, saying: "I had spots as a teenager too but nothing as bad as this. Even my Dad thought I was some kind of freak. The doctor put me on antibiotics and a harsh lotion which made my skin sting. The spots remained. I cried. When you've got bad skin, the world is full of hazards.


Welcome to Glamour UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. Bad skin, at our age… it shouldn't happen, right? Well, it does. Adult acne is on the rise - but you can get it under control, says Hannah Ebelthite. As a teenager, my skin wasn't great, but that was OK. My friends had spots, too, and there was always Rimmel's Hide The Blemish.

I sought solace in the fact that when my real life started, my skin would be blemish-free and beautiful. Except it wasn't. Two decades on, my skin is worse. At 38, I still won't venture far from my concealer. And I've spent a fortune on skincare and make-up, as well as hours with doctors, dermatologists and facialists, trying to achieve the clear complexion I dreamed of.

Take today: my skin's not too bad. I'm nursing a big spot on my chin, but that's pretty unusual. Still, I know what it's like to feel the discomfort, embarrassment, expense and distress of adult acne. Quite frankly, when you're worrying about spots and wrinkles, enough is enough.

According to the figures, I'm one of a growing number of adult acne sufferers. While teenage spots are most common on the oily T-zone and this pattern continues if you have the persistent kindadult-onset acne is usually seen on the cheeks, chin, jawline and neck, called the U-zone. By this point in your life, it feels as though you should have your hormones under control, but women experience far greater fluctuations throughout their life than men, making us vulnerable for a longer period - because, see more your age, hormonal change is still the biggest acne trigger.

It causes excess sebum production and a tendency for clogged pores. Hormones aside, other factors are also responsible. Your genes, for one. And some people are simply unlucky and have overactive oil-producing glands. Then, dead skin cells aren't shed properly and clog your pores, and the excess oil creates the ideal environment for acne bacteria to multiply, often causing inflammation.

Of course, acne doesn't just affect how you look. None bad skin dating this is news to psychologist Dr Andrew Thompson, who studies the psychological impact of skin you courteney cox dating anyone suggest at Sheffield University.

In a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, sufferers recorded that it affected their quality of life to the same level that patients with conditions like epilepsy and diabetes had reported. When Jane, 35, an event organiser from Middlesex, has a bad bout, she can hardly face leaving the house.

Dr Thompson says Jane's distress is typical. While I can't deny it's comforting to know that I'm not suffering alone, it's puzzling that we seem to be more spot prone than ever before.

The major reason, according to experts, is a rise in stress levels. In short, while you might not realise you're stressed, your body does, and reacts. Male hormones - androgens - that are normally converted to oestrogen are instead converted to testosterone. But it's also true that we're hearing more about spotty adults because we're less prepared to put up with bad skin and more likely to seek treatment. What helped Jane was returning to her GP again and asking to try another contraceptive pill.

If something in your life is making you miserable, taking action is always a good idea. So, over the following pages, we lee ho koo hye dating you the latest treatment and advice, to help give you hope for a spot-free future.

Officially called comedones, these black or yellow follicles have filled up with dead skin cells. Whiteheads are closed comedones, because skin covers the blocked follicle. Only apply at night, as they make your skin light sensitive. Read more Use long-wear foundation, which will clog your pores.

Look for the words 'non-comedogenic' non-clogging on labels. Papules are small red bumps that are inflamed and may feel sore. Their close relatives, the medieval-sounding 'pustules', have a white centre, often filled with pus, which is produced in response to inflammation.

DO Consider the Pill. Certain types, such as Yasmin, can help with outbreaks of this kind. A low-dose, long course of antibiotics may also be prescribed. DON'T Squeeze them, however tempting. You risk scarring and worsening the spot by pushing inflammation deeper into the surrounding tissue.

Known as bad skin dating, these painful, inflamed lumps, just under the skin's surface, rarely break the skin and often appear around the chin and neck. A classic sign of adult-onset acne, they're usually caused by a hormone imbalance. DO Speak to your GP. The contraceptive pill can be effective.

For severe cases, a dermatologist may prescribe a hormonal treatment called spironolactone, which reduces your skin's oil production. You can't exfoliate these spots away and harsh treatment will make inflammation worse. Similar to boils, the biggest spots are acne cysts - large, pus-filled lumps. They're the most extreme example of acne, distressing and the most likely to cause scarring. DO Ask to be referred to a dermatologist. It has side effects such as dry skin, lips and eyes. DON'T Use normal foundation - it'll clog your pores.

Try a range such as Vichy Dermablend. It's lightweight, but will still hide spots, acne cysts and scars. I'm self-conscious about that, so read more I wear too much make-up to cover them up. It's humiliating. It changes you. You want to retreat and hide out.

I felt really hurt… but I finally realised I'm beautiful on which soap stars are dating each other in real life inside regardless of a couple bumps here and there.

Who cares? It was awkward and embarrassing and frustrating, and I bad skin dating felt really bad about myself. Your GP should be your first stop.

You'll discuss medication, but you can also consider whether a contraceptive pill will help - certain types stabilise hormones. Even if you can only afford one private appointment after you've seen your GP, it's worth it. To find one, go to British Association of Dermatologists bad. Microdermabrasion can also unclog blocked pores. And I've had good results from controlled chemical peels, using salicylic and lactic acid," says Dr Lowe.

And it's increased by milk and high-GI refined foods. Sadly, this means chocolate - with its sugar and dairy content - may cause spots after all. I advise a balanced diet, with lots of vegetables and click to see more carbs," says Dr Bunting.

Take a daily multivitamin including vitamin C, which helps with healing scars, and zinc, which is good for skin health. If bad skin is making buffy cast dating unhappy, ft campbell dating effective approach is cognitive behavioural therapy CBT - your GP can refer you.

Find a therapist at itsgoodtotalk. Making time for relaxation lowers your stress levels, which will reduce hormone surges and have a positive effect on your skin. Notice everything about the place, in as much detail as you can - how does it look, smell, sound, feel? If you're in a social situation and feel anxious that you're being judged, focus on the external.

Force yourself to engage with them and ask questions, which will tune out your inner critic," he adds. In the clear. In partnership with Boots. Gallery List. Gallery Grid. Adult acne is on the rise - but you can get it under control, says Hannah Ebelthite As bad skin dating teenager, my skin wasn't great, but that was Bad skin dating.

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