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Ross, however, had already established a fairly lucrative business of manufacturing police sirens and handheld radars. All Listings. Xia Dynasty - Modern Skepticism North America. They were used by performers mainly in the country music industry, who felt the Tuck-And-Roll Naugahyde models were too flashy. Shipping not specified. Not finding what you're looking for? Later Bud Ross established a fairly lucrative business which manufactured police handheld radars. Terms related to kustom amplification :.


Results matching fewer words. Skip to main content. Related: kustom amplifier kustom tuck roll vintage kustom speakers vintage kustom tuck roll vintage kustom pa kustom Include description. Compatible Guitar. Bass Amplifier 2 Items 2. Electric Guitar Amplifier 1 Items 1. Not Specified 7 Items 7. Amplifier Type. Head 6 Items 6. Not Specified 4 Items 4. Kustom 6 Items 6. Amplifier Technology.


The main selling point of Kustom amplifiers hugely relied on their appearance: Ross, Inc. The amplifiers featured solid-state circuitry instead of vacuum tube-based designs so common in the s. Ross, Inc. The company produced several models of guitar amplifiersbass amplifiers, organ amplifiers, and P. There was also a line of guitars with DeArmond pickups in a variety of colors, including infamous Pink to Green sunburst that fans have affectionately named "Watermelon Burst.

The Kustom Kats were the same as the original Naugas that the Naugahyde company produced. Eventually the company even branched out to produce organs, drums, microphones and guitars.

Charles Ross was a compulsive gambler and eventually lost the company during a poker game. This happened around and the company subsequently changed its name to Kustom ElectronicsInc. Ross, however, had already established a fairly lucrative business of manufacturing police sirens and handheld radars.

During the following years the factory in Kansas and the associated trademarks would pass their ownership numerous times. The most notable merger happened with Dating vintage kustom amps, which at the time was owned by Baldwin. Aside the Kustom brandKustom Electronics also began to manufacture an amplifier line titled Kasino. The brand was established in the early s. These were basilly the same as Kustom amplifiers internally, but carried the traditional Tolex of Fender style amplifiers.

They were used by performers mainly in the country music industry, who felt the Tuck-And-Roll Naugahyde models were too flashy. Another reason for establishing a parallel brand was simply gaining more foothold on the markets: One distributor could sell the Kustom brand and one could dating vintage kustom amps Kasino, neither would therefore drift into competition with each other and both would remain happy. Waylon Jennings was an early supporter of the line. Kasino line was discontinued in when Kustom Electronics once again changed its owner.

Other parallel brands of Kustom Electronics were Klassic and Camco. Klassic was a brief venture that reputedly fell into trademark learn more here with Continue reading Electronics who happened to own Classic trademark.

Camco was a brand used for drums. Some affiliated companies dating vintage kustom amps trademarks were Woodson and Legend. Woodson Electronics, Inc. The exact affiliation to Kustom Electronics is yet unknown but most likely the Kansas-based factory and company was either a contract or OEM manufacturer of America vs australia dating in amplifiers.

Reputedly these were engineered by Richard Newman an employee of Bonne music shop and some former employee of Woodson Electronics. Kustom abandoned the tuck-n-roll cosmetics in the late s. Around these times it also changed its logo to a bigger letter "K". Everyone wanted to clone the popular design, including Kustom Electronics.

Kustom's competitor was a hybrid amplifier series titled "K-Studio". It practically ended up as being the last traditional Kustom product, as the following companies acquiring the trademark no longer had any affilition with the old Kansas-based company. Today, Kustom amplifiers are considered fairly collectible and preferred by vintage enthusiasts for their solid-state tone. Rockabilly and Motown musicians originally used these amps. Some of the most famous Kustom P.

CCR toured from mid - using their own massive Kustom PA system to maintain quality control of their live sound due to lack of quality backline venue PA systems in those days. As a result, CCR concerts were superior in live sound to most acts of the day, but the cost to the band to transport all the equipment made touring a money losing deal for them.

Hanser Re-issues Hanser HoldingsInc. InHanser Holdings produced small solid-state amplifiers that featured tuck-n-roll cosmetics and carried the Kustom trademark. The manufacturing of these units took place in China. From to Hanser Holdings produced tuck-n-roll amplifiers. Krossroad Though since selling Ross, Inc. Bud Ross has had numerous ventures in MI industry including Road Electronics and Ross Systems his only "comeback" to something resembling traditional Kustom amplifiers has been limited to a dating naruto venture with his son Andy Ross.

The duo founded Krossroad Music, Corp. The amplifiers were even marketed with the Kustom Kat mascot. The venture proved unsuccessful, and in a few years the company had ceased to exist. Those who could not thrive dating vintage kustom amps left to themselves never felt at ease in America.

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