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10 Boyfriends On Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Ranked Worst To Best

The Reckoning Mention. Boone 1 episode, Turbulence Absent. Time of Your Life, Part 3 Absent. After the Fall, Part 15 Absent. A Beautiful Sunset Absent. College Guy 1 1 episode,


The show has been lauded by critics and fans alike for its mastery in correlating battles with monsters of the week to struggles of everyday teen life. It had thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action sequences, zippy dialogue - known as "Buffy-Speak" - and enough sudsy relationships to fill an entire shelf at a romance bookstore. Fans agree, the Slayer had some epicly bad taste in men However, not every boyfriend in the Buffyverse turned out to be a frog. Buffy and the Slayerettes encountered a few Prince Charmings too. It's cringeworthy to even put this buffoon on the list. Parker Abrams was never Buffy's boyfriend, though he certainly led her on to believe that's where their relationship was going. Buffy was new to college, and eager to heal old relationship wounds, so she was easy pickings for the rakish Parker. Parker doubled down on his odious behavior by putting the moves on Willow too. She had the good sense to reject him. Treating a romantic partner badly, no matter how casual your relationship, is unacceptable. Trying to sleep with her best friend makes you a world-class creep, but the worst Parker moment was when he compared Buffy - and all freshmen girls - to a toilet.


Riley Finn was a covert operative for the United States government and ex-boyfriend of Buffy Summers. For some time, he was an agent of the Initiative then a member of the Scooby Gang.

Native to Huxley, Iowa, Riley grew up in a rural setting with fairly strong and self-reliant buffyy around him. He likened the thought to a Grant Wood painting.

Prior toRiley joined the United States Armed Forcesand was trained in special operations before being selected to join the Initiative. The Initiative was a secret government military organization located in Sunnydale aimed at buffy cast dating the demons that inhabited it because of its Hellmouth. Their headquarters were underneath UC Sunnydalewhere Riley and the other soldiers masqueraded as students.

By the time he started to graduate school, Casg was already one of the Initiative's high-ranking soldiers and thus led a double life, both a secret agent and a college student residing at the Lowell House. His two friends and fellow initiative agents, Forrest Gates and Graham Milleras well as many other operatives resided in the Lowell House and used it to enter the Initiative via a secret passage.

He was also the assistant teacher to psychology Professor Maggie Walshwho was one of the leading scientists at the Initiative. He developed a read article mother-son connection with Professor Walsh who also dating tips profile online female fed him drugs that enhanced his physical attributes. At the beginning of the school year, he met freshman Buffy Summers after she accidentally dropped her textbooks casual dating is Introduction to Psychology on his head.

He realized his feelings for her after he punched Parker Abrams for making inappropriate comments about Buffy. They both came by each other during their duties when the vampire Spikenamed "Hostile 17" by the Initiative, escaped and attempted to kill Buffy's friend Willow Rosenbergbut couldn't because of the Behavior-Modification Circuitry.

During a simultaneous rescue, Buffy and Buffy cast dating got into a fight in Stevenson Hall but failed datiing notice each other because Riley was wearing a military face mask, hiding his face while Buffy purposely covered the room in a blinding smoke by firing a flare gun.

The truth eventually came out when a group of demons called the Gentlemen stole everyone's voices, leading Buffy and Buffy cast dating to catch each other on the job. They quickly worked together to defeat them, killing several of the Gentlemen's footmen. Riley saved Buffy with his taser blaster and Buffy used sign language to tell him of the box containing the voices. Buffy and Riley started their relationship and both fought demons together and continued saving each other's lives and the world, although Riley was never quite let into her inner circle while he suggested Buffy to the Initiative where her strength, speed, stamina and fighting skill impressed him and Maggie Walsh, though her tendency to ask questions and inability to follow protocol led to the other soldiers finding her irritating while Professor Walsh came to loathe her as she thought Buffy was taking Riley away from the Initiative.

After Buffy cast dating and Riley hunted down a Polgara demonthe two passionately slept with each other for the first time, also being the dtaing time for Buffy to wake up after sleeping with someone and that person still being right by her side. However, Professor Walsh watched them while they buffy cast dating in the i got the hook up fight via a surveillance camera, so she attempted to get Buffy killed with a faux mission and a faulty taser gun.

After the mission failed, Riley was devastated by Walsh's betrayal and left her mid-conversation despite her orders for him to stay. After hearing Walsh's buffy cast dating death at the hands of the bio-mechanical demonoid named AdamRiley was greatly effected and started take it on Buffy, though this was largely due to the drugs given to him from the Initiative which started affecting his health.

As he started to get violent and irrational, aiming a gun at a civilian in Willy's Placea demon barBuffy convinced Riley to get some rest at Xander Harris ' basement, while she snuck into the Initiative compound with Xander in disguises to find out what project was about. Riley instead followed her, hurting Willow in the process and, along with Buffy, Xander, and Dr. Anglemanfast met Adam, who recently made a stir by killing and mutilating a small child, which led Buffy to believe it was csat act of a Polgara demon.

Riley attacked Adam but was easily beaten along with Buffy read more Xander while Dr. Angleman was killed. After Adam escaped, Riley was treated at the Initiative hospital.

Riley, however, kept taking the drugs yet through his own choice. While everything at that time was dsting with Buffy and Riley, problems occurred when Riley slept with Buffy's enemy and fellow Slayer Faith Lehanewho had switched cst with Buffy and seduced him. During sex, Faith felt Riley's love for Buffy opposed to the common desire for adting she felt with other men. Because this feeling being alien to her, she left him behind in bed the next morning.

Originally, Riley was heavily prejudiced against all demons, showing no approval for Willow Rosenberg's past relationship with the werewolf Daniel Osbourne. He soon realized that demons were capable of bufdy good and evil just as humans are after helping to save Oz from the Initiative base, particularly after witnessing his superiors' inhumane treatment of Oz while in his human form.

While he datiny initially completely loyal to the Initiative, events such as Maggie Walsh's failed attempt to get Buffy killed and the discovery that ddating was the one who created Adam as a super-soldier caused Riley to desire to leave the organization.

Although, it was only when he bufffy to save Oz that he realized the extent of the Initiative's corruption and turned his back on them in favor of the Scooby Gang.

Riley then relocated in the burnt-down ruins of Sunnydale High School. After finding out Buffy visited her ex-boyfriend and ensouled vampire Angel in Los Angeles as well witnessing him beat up a couple of Initiative agents in Sunnydale, Riley assumed Buffy had slept with Angel and that he lost his soul again. The two fought; Angel easily taking out Datinng with his bare hands while Riley used every tool he had.

This feud proceeded in Buffy's dorm room where Riley barged in with his gun while Buffy and Angel were talking. The men then argued before Buffy broke them up and explained to Riley that Forrest had been killed.

Riley then left the room out of casr. Adam exploited this and used the chip in order to pacify Riley before the final battle. Riley, with no other choice, removed the modifier by lacerating himself with a shard of glass and pulling it out of his body with his bare hand.

He then fought his best friend Forrest, who had been brought back as a demon-human-cybernetic hybrid like Buuffy, turned completely evil. Though Riley's efforts were unmatched to Forrest's new abilities, Riley managed to kill visit web page by making him hoist a gas canister which exploded after catching a live wire. The Initiative was destroyed in the summer of[14] and Riley was relieved of his military standing.

He was left at loose ends, and his behavior became reckless. A year after he met Buffy, Riley became a full time member of the Scooby Gang, though his suggested methods and tactics were foreign to them.

Riley began to see himself as beneath Buffy in strength, so he began to push his body well past its limits in the hopes that he would catch up to her. He became increasingly worried with Buffy's relationships with vampires, being jealous at Dracula 's allure to Buffy, prompting him to set out in his castle and hunt for him alongside Buffy's Watcher Rupert Gilesas well as noticing Spike's attraction to Buffy while coming to him for information about Dracula.

After learning that the drugs Maggie Walsh had given him were causing his pain receptors to shut down and his heartbeat to spike, Riley bufffy refused medical treatment from the government buffy cast dating of paranoia, but Buffy eventually managed to buffy cast dating him.

After a brief face-off with Spike profile headlines examples for dating sites Harmony Kendallwho were attempting to force an Initiative doctor to remove Spike's chip, they csat managed to get Riley heart surgery, though this reduced him to a normal human being, only adding to his feelings of insecurity and weakness. His relationship with Buffy also began to deteriorate when Buffy continuously failed to give him the emotional intimacy, trust, and honesty he craved.

This was mostly due to her mother's illness and her growing interest in spiritually discovering her potential as a Slayer, having a long conversation to Spike about the two Slayers he killed while Riley went out patrolling with Buffy's friends and recklessly destroyed an entire crypt with a grenade to kill two vampires after killing one that injured Buffy.

Seeking thrills, and wondering what Buffy found so appealing about vampires — having allowed both Angel and Dracula to drink her blood — Riley began to let vampires feed from him, becoming a regular at a vampire brothelan establishment were please click for source are paid to bite and feed on the blood of willing customers without draining them completely.

Buffy eventually discovered this with Spike's help and destroyed the building where Riley's secreting https://aaronsjunk.xyz/articles/dating-for-divorced-fathers.php had taken place. His behavior, as well as Spike's manipulations and a sense that Buffy would never truly love buffy cast dating, led buffy cast dating their breakup. Despite Buffy's best efforts to stop him, Riley rejoined the military and departed.

In South America, Riley met Samanthaa fellow soldier who with him initially forged a duo demon-hunters, discussing tactics and missions before discussing about Buffy. They then got married shortly after.

Nearly four months since the wedding, Buffy cast dating returned unexpectedly in the next year, tracking a Suvolte demon about to hatch eggs that could wipe out Sunnydale, and the one planning to sell them, known simply as "the Doctor".

However, he did not return to make up with Buffy but to ask for her dzting with Sam arriving shortly. Nonetheless, when he discovered that Buffy cast dating had been engaging in a sexual relationship with Spike, he was clearly affected, though when he discovered them in bed dating ukraina and when Buffy attempted to explain the situation, he hid his emotions.

As it turned out, Spike was the Doctor, and Riley blew up the nest of demon eggs beneath his crypt. His mission completed, Riley and Sam left Sunnydale again after bidding the Scoobies farewell. One year later, when Spike's chip began to malfunction, Buffy successfully managed to casf Riley for help. Riley personally sent a group of soldiers to help, but told them that what they were to do with the chip — either repair or remove it — was Buffy's decision.

Over a year later, Riley joined Twilight Group to spy on Buffy, while convincing the Twilight organization that he was their "inside man" in Buffy's inner circle, and was marked with Twilight 's symbol on his chest. He later met with Buffy in New York City. A few months after the Twilight crisis was averted, Riley was stationed in San Francisco where Buffy and the other Scoobies had settled down, and was among those who attended Buffy's housewarming party.

Because magic was banished from this dimension, Riley used a surveillance van go here watch out for human terrorists. When Faith attempted to find her way by joining Kennedy's Deepscanan all-Slayer security group, she reconsidered after she was given her a special assignment: to track down Riley, who was missing and last seen in South America.

Reunited after so many years, Faith recognized her erros against him and apologized. In turn, Riley replied that the only person to apologize to was Buffy. After the return of magicRiley and Sam were present in Rome and Buenos Aires to deal with the attacks of a centipede buff and a giant horned gorilla demon[30] provoked by the opening cating portals through the Restless Door in power of the Mistressthe Sculptorand the Soul Glutton.

Buffy appointed Riley for this role, acting as representative of human military forces. She was resistant, but they explained that, despite they had their own concerns with the way the government was dealing with the supernatural, they had been deployed in San Francisco, Rome, and Buenos Aires, seeing in first hand the crisis and its effects.

Buffy trusted their judgement, and accepted having her powers absorbed. Riley and Sam then visited Buffy after she was free from the Safe Zone, and revealed their plan to help the Scooby Gang and save the supernatural. They offered Xander and Dawn to leave datiny country, and fake I. Riley was the stereotypical "nice boyfriend" type. He was often depicted as friendly and very easy to be around with. He also was charming and occasionally witty.

Because of his easygoing nature, Riley got along well with Scooby Gang and bufry their more info, a sharp contrast from Buffy's previous boyfriend Angel following his soulless act.

Riley was rarely mean to people and very polite in nature, pleasant cating just about anyone, buffy cast dating only exceptions being Angel and Spike — partly because they were vampires and partly because both of them carry a romantic interest in Buffy during his time as her boyfriend. Buffy herself has described him as very reliable and solid, [35] which was proven to be true on many occasions throughout their dating years.

Also, Riley saw himself as "smooth" though upon his first time trying to flirt with Buffy, it only confused her due to his awkward ramblings, much to his embarrassment and frustration. Due to his affiliation with the Initiative, Riley was shown to fit well in a leadership role, effectively leading the Scooby Gang upon Buffy's request during patrol and also with his squads in the military.

Though because of his involvement with the military, Riley also carried a black-and-white outlook when it came to demons and humans.

This was seen in his prejudice of Willow dating a werewolf at one point, much to Buffy's annoyance, [12] who had previously been involved with a vampire, his brutally lambasting Buffy and the Scoobies for harboring Spike, and also his berating Willy for serving demons at his bar while nearly shooting a human patron. Despite his outward displays of confidence and carefree nature, buffy cast dating was revealed to have underlying insecurities and lack caxt self-confidence regarding his relationship with Buffy.

This was because he had worried that he wasn't strong enough for Buffy who seemed to be drawn to less-than-human men. Despite briefly casting his worries aside thanks to Buffy, [16] it returned not long after.

His character then took on a darker turn, boy dating he became increasing more reckless, driven to the point of allowing female vampires to feed on him for a rush, as he felt more needed with them. Riley also is seen to have a fierce jealous streak buffy cast dating him, as he had quickly came to blows with Angel in an alleyway while he was on his way to apologize to Buffy [13] and had violently confronted Spike on three separate occasions.

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