can my ipad hook up to a projector

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How to Connect an iPad to a Projector, the Easy Way

To create a wireless network, I like to use and recommend to other Apple gadgets. For example, the iPad app that I use is Haiku Deck. Feel free to share a question or observation in the comments section below. I have iPad 2 and a monitor without audio output. Business Insider logo The words "Business Insider". Would I have to set them back to factory settings in order to forget the current network first? Hope things get sorted out.


What I love about projectors is that they can eliminate the need for an expensive, heavy and energy-sucking big screen TV. However, we can display a giant movie screen in our living room any time we want and pay a fraction of the cost to operate it. Then, you simply attach the iPad to the appropriate adapter. On the other hand, the VGA does not transfer audio. Using VGA, the sound will come out of the iPad speakers. Keep this in mind if you have a sound system that you prefer. If you watched the clip to the end, you know that there is a third connection option: through Apple TV. The main benefit to this option is that it is wireless. The Apple TV unit plugs into the projector and therefore leaves your iPad or other device free to roam around. This can be a big advantage and maybe a no-brainer if your projector is attached to the ceiling or far away from where you plan to sit. That said, if you plan on using the other movie-watching features that Apple TV offers and prefer wireless, this is not a bad deal.


Tablets like the Apple iPad are which soap stars are dating each other in real life standard in the workplace. Rather than showing your PowerPoint slides from a laptop, you might just want to connect your iPad to a projector for your meetings projetor. When it comes to connecting your iPad or any other Apple device to a projector, you basically have two options, wireless or hard-wired.

Many of the newer projectors are capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. If the projector is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capable, check to see whether the company that manufacturers it supplies an app. A search within the App store for the brand name of the projector should yield results.

Brands like Epson or Panasonic supply apps that allow you to nv dating iPad to a projector wirelessly. If you find an app that works with your projector, it should be as easy as connecting the projector to the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network and activating the app. If you use AirPlay in your environment, your projector may support it as well.

Many of the Epson projectors allow book to display content straight from your device using their apps. If you have an older projector or for whatever reason a wireless connection is not available, you will need to go with a wired connection. An HDMI connection is the best option for a hard-wired connection as it provides a crystal clear, high definition picture. Be careful which one you buy though. There is one made for iPad 1, 2, and 3 and a different one for iPad dating sites monthly and iPad ;rojector.

You would connect your iPad to the adapter using the cable included with your iPad, iipad connect the adapter to the projector using a standard HDMI cable. If the projector does not have an HDMI port, it is likely an older model.

For this situation, you would likely want to use a VGA port. Unless your projector is more than 20 years old, it should have a VGA port. This will allow you to connect your iPad to the can my ipad hook up to a projector using the cable included projecyor your iPad, then connect the adapter to the projector using a standard VGA cable.

Hopefully after reading this tutorial, you have found the right solution for connecting your iPad to a projector. Feel free to share a question or observation in the comments section below. Normally it automatically displays. Is it the projector? Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Tablets like the Apple iPad are becoming standard in the workplace.

Option 2 — Wired Connection Apple makes adapters for a hard wired connection to any video device. From the Home screen on the iPad, swipe upward from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center. Did this help? Let us know! Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.