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Carbon Dating Worksheets - Teacher Worksheets

Showing 1 - 26 of 26 resources. Quadratic Equations, Set 1. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? Carbon Dating. Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives? Take a journey to Asia and explore the forests and grasslands that were once home to the large primate using a video from an extentsive biology playlist Discusses the different isotopes of Carbon and the half life of C Answer key included.


How old are the Egyptian tombs? How long ago did the redwood trees begin growing? These and many similar questions can be answered by carbon dating , a method used by archaeologists and other scientists to discover the age of ancient remains and artifacts. But how does it work? All living organisms on this planet are composed partially of carbon. A small amount of that carbon is in the form of a radioactive isotope called carbon This isotope is created when solar radiation acts upon nitrogen in the upper atmosphere. The atmospheric carbon is then absorbed by plants on the earth's surface, and any animal that eats the plants in turn absorbs some of that C into its body. What makes carbon useful to scientists is that it begins to break down at a known rate. Since this rate of decay is predictable, scientists can then measure the amount of carbon in the remains of an organism or artifact, plug that value into a generalized equation, and calculate the age of those remains. This process, known as carbon dating, was developed by the American chemist Willard Libby in at the Institute for Nuclear Studies at Columbia University. In other words, this function takes in a number of years, t , as its input value and gives back an output value of the percentage of carbon remaining. So, if you were asked to find out carbon's half-life value the time it takes to decrease to half of its original size , you'd solve for t number of years when C t equals 50, because fifty percent represents one half. Carbon dating does have certain limitations. After about 50, - 70, years, almost all of the carbon in any remains will have broken down.


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Get 10 Days Free. Showing 1 - 26 of 26 resources. Lesson Planet. For Teachers carboj - 12th. Students read and an article about carbon dating, then participate in a hands-on lab datingg discover how carbon dating works. Students also write a letter to a friend explaining the process, and carbon dating worksheets archeologists use the process to Get Free Access See Review.

For Students 9th - 12th Cargon. Does a radioactive cat carbon dating worksheets 18 half-lives? An understanding of half-life is important in both chemistry and biology, so start your young scientists off the right way — with the click the following article foundation provided by a video that begins with a graph For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards. The class starts with a basic investigation worlsheets carbon content, but then branches out to questions of accuracy and ranges of For Students 9th - 12th.

In this history of life worksheet, students worksheers a crossword puzzle by figuring out carrbon 11 vocabulary words associated with the clues given. Cagbon review fossil records, geological time periods, and carbon dating by completing For Teachers 11th - 12th Standards.

New Review Just how old is it? The 22nd portion to a part Precalculus unit uses radiocarbon dating and other exponential modeled real-world problems.

Learners use the inverse relationship between logarithms and exponentials click at this page solve the problem Evaluating and analyzing exponential functions will help your worisheets find the amount of Carbon 14 remaining in a read more in this real-life task centered dafing carbon dating.

Learners will also be introduced to the concept of half-life. Eight neat slides lead to the understanding of how geologists have determined Earth's age.

Most of the worksherts are dedicated to explaining the absolute dating method of assessment. Color diagrams display radioactive isotopes and a graph For Teachers 7th - 11th. Pupils explore the process of carbon dating fossils to determine their age.

They simulate radioactive decay using pennies in a shoe box. Heads represents a decayed atom each time they shake the box. They use the data to calculate the For Students 9th - Higher Ed. In this history of life worksheet, students complete a crossword puzzle by figuring out the vocabulary words associated with the 11 clues given.

Then students review how paleontologists use fossils to learn more about past living things For Students 11th - Higher Ed. For this carbon dating worksheet, students read about carbon dating and the estimate the age of a given fossil. This one-page worksheet contains one multi-step problem.

For Students 6th - free singles dating Standards. Ancient fossils have many stories to tell. Cxrbon must use different strategies to read dating uniform remnants. A video lesson explains how archeologists use different strategies to date each specimen.

The timeline of a fossil helps identify For Teachers 6th - 9th. Through the use of an interactive Web site, students explore C and C dating. Then students analyze an article written about the C dating of the Shroud of Turin and draw conclusions.

Global warming What about palm trees in Wyoming, or swimming in the sea near Antarctica? Science scholars discover the unbearable conditions Earth experienced during its In this scatter-plot activity, young scholars perform an experiment to simulate the half life of C Information is plotted on a scatter-plot. Students answer four Throughout this earth science exam, high-school geologists complete a series of multiple choice and short answer questions about the solar system, atmosphere, and earth system.

This is an amazing test, as are all of the exams developed For Teachers 7th - 8th Standards. West of the West's documentary Arlington Springs Carbom and a two-page scientific article about the same topic provide the worksheetz for a reading comprehension exercise that asks individuals to craft a one page summary of information gathered How can radioactive decay help date old objects?

Learners explore half-life and radioactive decay by conducting an experiment using pennies to represent atoms. Young scientists graph data from the experiment to identify radioactive decay Did humans and dinosaurs coexist?

How do carbpn know? Scholars dig in to the tools and methods researchers used worksheet study the process of human evolution by watching a slideshow with embedded video clips. Pupils learn the importance of asking Datin it all worksheeta way back! Young scientists discover the changes that took place from the time Earth became solid to present day through an interesting interactive.

The resource guides users through workdheets events that have shaped our world Gigantopithecus was the greatest of the great apes!

Whatever carbon dating worksheets of them? Take a journey to Asia and explore the forests and grasslands that were once home to the large primate workshedts a video from an extentsive biology playlist Learn about the human's ancestors through workseets carbon Dating Game. Use the script to have your high schoolers act out one round of the game. Once they sagittarius dating taurus woman the idea, they will research another human ancestor and play a second round the For Carbon dating worksheets 9th - 10th.

In this exponential function worksheet, students examine linear functions, find the next number in a series, and graph exponential functions. Explanations and step-by-step carbon dating worksheets are provided for each section of problems. For Teachers 9th. Ninth graders explore the molecular structure of matter and how it can affect the physical characteristics of a specific material.

They demonstrate that isotopes of an element have different masses. Students demonstrate that the carbon dating worksheets of For Teachers 4th - 8th. Students investigate energy sources by examining photographs.

Students create a presentation demonstrating how many For Students 2nd - 5th. In this paleontology activity activity, learners use the 15 words in the word bank to locate and identify them in the word search puzzle. Suggest a Category. Please update the form below to suggest a new category.

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