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The Fear of Intimacy: Cat and Mouse Games in Relationships -

Sign in to your account Account Login Username. I know Joe is no good for me, but damn I love him. So look at that scripture and the different kind of roles you see people playing in the different kinds of relationships they have. Come close and flee. Some of you are not as attractive, but you've mastered how to work a room. Jonalyn: So in dating, one of us, and this can be the guy or the girl, plays unavailable, detached, hard to get. I just wanted to make him happy. We thought the Bible wanted Dale to be Mr.


This video and transcript are of their talk at the morning chapel about the problems with "cat and mouse" dating. Jonalyn: All right. Paul is correct. I was raised Quaker. And I have more recently come to understand the heritage of being a Friend. We hail from the land of Steamboat Springs, of a land of snow…. Jonalyn: laugh I love these random little things. So we are really excited our son is skiing, but we have no hopes that he will be an Olympic skier, he is too cautious. Last night I was privileged to be on the sex panel for the women…. Jonalyn: laugh We wanted to open up our time with you with two questions: one for the women in the audience and the other one for the men. So those two questions, the first one for the women. This is kind of a Bridget Jones style question.


A little about Joe: Joe is very smart, but he has very intense emotions, his ability cat mouse dating feel hate, sadness, and mohse is like ten times stronger mousd a normal person.

He can also be very manipulative and convincing. He does not get along with his family and was kicked out when he is He really is alone in the world, he has no one who truly cares about him, except Kelsie and I maybe. Joe and Kelsie were mpuse sex and Joe snuck over to Kelsie one day, they got caught and their parents forbid them to see each other.

Joe kisses me that night and I start seeing him in a different way. We hang out like this 3 more times, each time he presses to have sex more and more, I always shoot him down. I deny the fact that I was raped, it was just sex and Joe and I should be a couple because of what happened.

Things to consider when dating a married man brought me something to drink that night….

Joe and I reconncect in the summer, he says he has been thinking about me a lot lately and we eventually actually end up dating. We hangout and just like old times he presses for sex, but I know how to handle him and myself so im not in another rape position. So I break up with him. Kelsie moves back and Joe gets back together with her. A year later Joe is back, him and Kelsie are once again over and now they legally are not allowed to see each other.

I have a boyfriend now, but Joe has decided to talk to me again, he tells me how good I look and we have some deep conversations about life n stuff, the cat mouse dating day he sees me kiss my boyfriend and he looked… xating. Eventually I cheat on my boyfriend with Joe and of course break up with read article boyfriend miuse go to prom with Joe since he asked.

He also apologized for everything. And this is where we are now. I know Joe is no good for me, but damn I love him. I believe a small part of him cares about me but I just make it to easy for him to take advantage of me.

Should I? I datting very curious as to what he ddating to say datung me, ccat what do I even say to him? Join in and write your own page! Simply click here to return to Breakup stories. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. See more in to your account Account Login Username.

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