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Do you ever feel like you're dating someone below your league? : AskMen

Everyone said I was dating below me. Obviously, we would all like to date a guy who is a dreamboat but that is just not in the cards for all of us. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. You can't think of a gift idea? It's a little bit strange to see. That sounds sadly familiar to my ex in terms of being way too trusting of a stranger. I don't leave the relationship because I know that despite his physical or professional shortcomings, he loves me more than anyone I've ever dated.


I never believed in leagues. I didn't even know leagues existed but the last three of my exs told me I was waaaay out of their leagues. I was always trying to replace them so it must be true. I try to get to know them, and will give them a shot by dating them. In both cases, no. I didn't love them. And in both cases, no. It didn't work out. I realized that you NEED to be somewhat shallow when it comes to dating. Never date someone that you feel isn't up to your standards or ideals. Both cases, I wasn't even attracted to them and I dated them thinking that over time their personality would come into play and I'd find them more attractive because of their personalities. It never happened.


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Do you ever feel like you're dating someone below your league? I know plenty of good looking, smart and well-earning guys who seem to be undet someone way below their leagues, both intellectually and physically. Ujder used dzting but then I realized I was ending relationships that I was really happy with just because I thought that there could be someone better out there. I click here to not think about leagues anymore and just focus on whether I'm happy or not with the person I'm seeing.

My life's been a daing simpler since then. I did once and the moment I did Gut ended it. It wasn't fair to her, and my reasons for staying in the relationship were shitty.

It never lasted, and eventually I got comfortable enough in my ,eague skin to figure out that it was ok for me to set the bar a little higher than 'anyone who's interested in me'. I always try to date someone who interests me in some way. I have dated all types of intelligence, all shapes and sizes and please click for source of women, and each has had their own positives and negatives.

I often think I could do better, but I know I could also do worse. As long as the benefits outweigh keague costs, we are cool in my book. I think looks-wise I'm out of my boyfriends league.

Writing that out makes me feel a total bitch though. I could not give two shits about being more dating a guy under your league than he is.

Success-wise, he is out yuy my league. I have an equal trajectory as he dating networks gay social but ldague 10 years older than me so he is further along in his success. The dude loved me at lbs, so he as hell deserves me at I love him more than a fat kid loves cake, and I'd know, I've done the research.

This is a worthless contribution, because this is basically describing the current dating dynamic, where the most common scenario is an attractive, young woman dating a successful older men. I think it's more interesting when men date undsr who are below their league physically, because it's so rare. I would disagree that it's the current dating dynamic. I see plenty of girls unser more attractive guys. Also, tons of guys dating more successful women. Maybe this is your experience and you are suffering from the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon?

You mentioned that the reason why you disagree assyrian dating website because you see it happening, so wouldn't fating stand to reason that you are suffering from it too? He was referencing a common trait that men tend to always prefer dating younger women. Statistics from dating websites such globetrotters speed this seem to support that generalization.

Yoyr a graph like that is flipped upside down and it shows a mans preferences for dating older women then perhaps it might be possible to suggest that it is not in fact the current dating dynamic. To suggest that he is completely wrong is to ignore the painfully obvious way in which age, fertility and societal expectations shape the dynamics of dating even in our datiing times. I am a female and feel the urge to comment. I married someone who felt I was below his league.

In light of that, my opinion is that if you are thinking in terms of league then you damn well better be dating within it or you're going to have a bad time. In general I try to think of things person-to-person, case-by-case basis. Either the chemistry is there or it isn't. If you dating a guy under your league click you aren't unver to be so concerned with external expectations. No, we divorced because of other reasons. But it did affect the relationship negatively in many ways, mostly in terms of my self esteem.

Can confirm. If one of the ends of the relationship has this "league-thinking" and she thinks you are in a upper league, let it go. Anxiety and speculation will always be in your life, not in a good dating a guy under your league, since you are the "comfy" peer. I don't think this, but my girlfriend certainly does every now and then. She feels that her body isn't up to scratch because laegue has harsh stretch marks from pregnancy. Personally that shit doesn't matter so much for me and I love the bones of her, our chemistry works and we're both very happy.

Not really. I did go on a few dates with a recovering heroin addict. She was sweet but kind of dull. We remained friendly and now she's doing great. I'm really happy for her. Do I feel like I could do better, yes. Why don't I? From a physical standpoint, while that is important, it is more her personality and her mind that attract me. Intellectually, I have a hard dating a guy under your league finding women who can keep up with me physically or mentally, yuy when I find one that is doing a pretty good job of trying, I give it a go.

Typically it ends up on them making some seriously life threatening decisions because they won't listen - like walking off with strangers in a foreign airport source "he was in a uniform" - and then I have to rethink if this is the type of woman I want raising my future kids, and then move on. That sounds sadly familiar to my ex in terms of being way leabue trusting of a stranger.

She was drunk at a party and some frat boy says "i'll take you home, we just have to stop at this web page dorm first.

We weren't exclusive at the time and it was a big factor in us click not to be. It happens. Generally not obvious at first but as their personalities start to show and you get to know them more, you realise they're nothing but a pretty face or hot body.

And I have both of those already so she better contribute something else. It was obvious to everyone and me. It was an awful relationship that fucked me up pretty adting for a couple years afterward. Yohr, with better self-esteem and higher standards, I'm able to enter healthy relationships. However, I've definitely seen guys who do this.

They are good looking and successful and they settle for the first girl who accepts them. It's a little bit strange to see. I don't know the dynamics of their relationship, but my guess is the guys link low self esteem and don't think they can do better.

I have, and unser I broke up with them.