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Why “Speed Dating” Business Insurance Brokers is a Bad Idea – PayneWest Insurance

Secured with SHA Encryption. The premium that the insured person has to pay in life insurance contracts depends on his age at the time of commencement of the policy. Adverse selection is a phenomenon wherein the insurer policy confronted with the probability of loss due to risk not factored in at the time of sale. Term Life Insurance Quotes. Compare tailored business insurance quotes online - get your business protected through our partner Simply Business [1]. Apply Entirely Online! Certain exceptions may be written directly into your policy, and some perils may be entirely uninsurable.


When it comes to finding the right insurance for your business needs, it all boils down to who you can trust to have your best interests at heart. But also when we go out on the marketplace and we talk to carriers like AIG, Travelers, or Liberty, we can represent that client the best, and identify trends that will benefit them. For new clients, PayneWest takes a similar approach — getting to know all about their short- and long-term goals, their strategies, and how we can help. Get a quote. Would a captive or self-funded plan work better? Could an outsourced resource or in-house serve you best? Please select from one of the following insurance types: Personal. Personal Health. Business Name if applicable. Preferred Contact Method Email Phone. Best Time to Call. Bond Type.


All businesses, regardless of industry, face risks that should be covered by insurance. The most common and comprehensive type dating business insurance policy business owners invest in is general liability insurance or CGL. While businesses aren't legally required to husbands never stop dating your wife general liability insurance, operating without it is extremely risky.

If your business is sued, you could end up facing fees totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Having a sufficient CGL policy in place to help compensate for these damages is the only way to prevent this type of event from devastating your business.

Example 1: While touring your office, a potential investor rounds a corner, collides with one of your employees, dating business insurance an arm in the resulting fall, and demands you pay for his medical treatment. General liability insurance would cover his medical bills.

Example 2: A competitor sues your business for libel. While you disagree with the claim, you know you need to hire an attorney immediately. General liability insurance would pay for your legal fees and any required settlement. General liability insurance would pay for your legal defense and any required settlement. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of perils a general liability insurance policy will cover, and some conditions may result in a particular peril not being covered.

It's always best to talk to your agent in-depth about the specifics of your policy to avoid blind spots in coverage. Check out the chart below for a snapshot of average CGL expenditure across a variety of industries:. Several factors will determine the price of your policy. These include your:. You may be able to acquire general liability insurance at a discounted rate by purchasing it as part of a business owner's policy BOP rather than as a standalone policy.

A BOP is a more comprehensive solution that includes multiple forms of coverage, such as business interruption and property insurance. While general liability is the most important type of insurance to have, there are several other forms of coverage you should be aware of. Below are some other types of insurance all online dating consulting businesses should obtain:.

If a client sues your business for negligence, professional liability insurance would cover your legal fees and any required settlement. You made a major investment in the equipment, supplies, and real estate you use to conduct your consulting work. In the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster, commercial property insurance would cover the cost of repairing or replacing your business-related property.

This includes structural damage to your building as well as the business materials you store there. In addition to the policies outlined above, there are a few other types of coverage your online dating consulting business may require depending on certain aspects of your operations. Some of these might not apply to you, so be sure to ask your agent which policies are right for your business.

This coverage protects your employees if they become injured at work or fall ill after a work-related accident. While your general liability insurance policy covers most claims, some accidents or lawsuits may be so catastrophic click to see more they threaten to exhaust the limits of your primary coverage. Commercial umbrella insurance protects you from paying out-of-pocket for any legal fees and awarded damages that exceed your primary policy.

Although it's easy and essential to invest in business insurance, it should dating business insurance be your frontline defense. Yes, insurance will compensate for your business' financial losses after an incident occurs, but it's much better to avoid losses altogether.

A typical business owner's policy includes general liability, business interruption, and property insurance. However, BOPs are often customizable, so your agent may recommend adding professional liability, commercial auto, or other types of coverage to your package depending on your company's needs. General liability insurance, on the other hand, is a specific type of coverage that business owners need to protect their assets. You should invest in coverage for your business before your first interaction with a customer.

Although the cost of insurance may seem high for a brand new business, it's best to be proactive when it comes to protecting your assets. After all, you can't buy insurance to cover a loss that has already occurred. Not necessarily. Certain exceptions may check this out written directly into your policy, and some perils may be entirely uninsurable.

Be sure to discuss the scope of your policy in-depth with dating business insurance agent to avoid being blindsided by holes in your coverage. About General Liability Insurance All businesses, regardless of industry, face risks that should be covered by insurance.

Some of the risks CGL insurance covers are: Bodily injury Property damage Medical payments Legal defense and judgment Personal and advertising injury While businesses aren't legally required to carry general liability insurance, operating without it is extremely risky.

Learn more about the risks covered by general liability insurance. How much will click the following article right insurance cost you? See offers from our recommended professional liability insurance provider Get a Free Quote. What is the difference between business insurance and general liability insurance? Do I need insurance before I start a business? Will insurance protect my business from everything?