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The Christian and Muslim populations do, however, face religious persecution and it is hard, if not impossible, for non-Buddhists to join the army or get government jobs, the main route to success in the country. According to census, 6. Although Hinduism is practised by 0. Several strains of Hinduism existed alongside both Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism in the Mon and Pyu period in the first millennium, [] and down to the Pagan period 9th to 13th centuries when " Saivite and Vaishana elements enjoyed greater elite influence than they would later do.

The general state of health care in Myanmar is poor. The government spends anywhere from 0. Public hospitals lack many of the basic facilities and equipment. The maternal mortality rate perbirths for Myanmar is This is compared with The under 5 mortality rate, per 1, births is 73 and the neonatal mortality as a percentage of under 5's mortality is Myanmar's government spends the least percentage of its GDP on health care of any country in the world, and international donor organisations give less to Myanmar, per capita, than any other country except India.

Inthe estimated adult HIV prevalence rate in Myanmar was 1. The educational system of Myanmar is operated by the government agency, the Ministry of Education. The education system is based on the United Kingdom's system due to nearly a century of British and Christian presences in Myanmar. Nearly all schools are government-operated, but there has been a recent increase in privately funded English language schools. Schooling is compulsory until the end of elementary school, approximately about 9 years old, while the compulsory schooling age is 15 or 16 at international level.

There are universities, 12 institutes, 9-degree colleges and 24 colleges in Myanmar, a total of higher education institutions. Myanmar had a murder rate of The Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index ranked the country at numberout of countries in total.

The opium industry was a monopoly during colonial times and has since been illegally operated by corrupt officials in the Burmese military and rebel fighters, [] primarily as the basis for heroin manufacture. Myanmar is the largest producer of methamphetamines in the world, with the majority of Ya ba found in Thailand produced in Myanmar, particularly in the Golden Triangle and Northeastern Shan Statewhich borders Thailand, Laos and China.

A diverse range of indigenous cultures exist in Myanmar, the majority culture is primarily Buddhist and Bamar. Bamar culture has been influenced by the cultures of neighbouring countries. This is manifested in its language, cuisine, music, dance and theatre. The arts, particularly literature, have historically been influenced by the local form of Theravada Buddhism. Considered the national epic of Myanmar, the Yama Zatdawan adaptation of India's Ramayanahas been influenced greatly by Thai, Mon dating pangalan ng bansang yemen, and Indian versions of the play.

In a traditional village, the monastery is the centre of cultural life. Monks are venerated and supported by the lay people. A novitiation ceremony called shinbyu is the most important coming of age events for a boy, during which he enters the monastery for a short time. British colonial rule introduced Https:// elements of culture to Myanmar. Myanmar's education system is modelled after that of the United Kingdom.

Colonial architectural influences are most evident in major cities such as Yangon. Burmese cuisine is characterised by extensive use of fish products such as fish saucengapi fermented seafood and dried prawn.

Mohinga is the traditional breakfast dish and is Myanmar's national dish. Seafood is a common ingredient in coastal cities such as SittweKyaukpyuMawlamyaing formerly MoulmeinMergui Myeik and Daweiwhile meat and poultry are more commonly used in landlocked cities like Mandalay. Freshwater fish and shrimp have been incorporated into inland cooking as a primary source of protein and are used in a variety of ways, fresh, salted whole or filleted, salted and dried, made into a salty paste, or fermented sour and pressed.

Burmese cuisine also includes a variety of salads a thokecentred on one major dating pangalan ng bansang yemen, ranging from starches like rice, wheat and rice noodles, glass noodles and vermicelli, to potato, ginger, tomato, kaffir limelong bean, lahpet pickled tea leavesand ngapi fish paste. The Lethwei read more, BandoBanshayand Dating pangalan ng bansang yemen thaing martial arts and chinlone are traditional sports in Myanmar.

Myanmar previously hosted the Games in and Burmese traditional art concepts is popular and respected by the Burmese people and people from abroad. Burmese contemporary art has developed quite rapidly on its own terms.

Artists born after the s have had greater chances of art practice outside the country. One of the first to study western art was Ba Nyan. Together with Ngwe Gaing and a handful of other artists, they were the pioneers of western painting style. Later on most young children learned the concepts from them. Due to Myanmar's political climate, there are not many media companies in relation to the country's population, although a certain number exists.

Some are privately owned. All programming must meet with the approval of the censorship board. The Burmese government announced on 20 August that it will stop censoring media before publication.

Following the announcement, newspapers and other outlets no longer required approved by state censors; however, journalists in the country can still face consequences for what they write and say. In Aprilinternational media reports were published to relay the enactment of the media liberalisation reforms that we announced in August For the first time in numerous decades, the publication of privately owned newspapers commenced in the country. Internet use is estimated to be relatively low compared to other countries.

During the strict censorship days, activity at internet cafes was regulated, and one blogger named Zarganar was sentenced to prison for publishing a video of destruction caused by Cyclone Nargis in ; Zarganar was released in October In regards to communications infrastructure, Myanmar is the last ranked Asian country in the World Economic Forum's Network Readiness Index NRI — an indicator for determining the development level of a country's information and communication technologies.

With countries reported on, Myanmar ranked number overall in the NRI ranking. Myanmar's first film was a documentary of the funeral of Tun Shein—a leading politician of the s, who campaigned for Burmese independence in London. The first Burmese silent film Myitta Ne Thuya Love and Liquor in which proved a major success, despite its poor quality due to a fixed camera position and inadequate film accessories.

During the s and s, many Burmese-owned film companies made and produced several films. Many of the films produced in the early Cold War era had a strong propaganda element to them. In the era that followed the political events ofthe film industry has been increasingly controlled by the government. Film stars who had been involved in the political activities were banned from appearing in films.

The government issues strict rules on censorship and largely determines who produces films, as well as who gets academy awards. Over the years, the movie industry has also shifted to producing many lower budget direct-to-video films. Most of the movies produced nowadays are comedies. The graphic novel was translated into English under the title Burma Chronicles in Ina documentary about Burmese videojournalists called Burma VJ was released.

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