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Niplheim's Hunter. As for 18 i dont have much to say except alot of highly athletic women are often somewhat masculine so the stereotype fits reality. Thank you! Dragon Ball Z Hightime Flash. Knife Throw. Elephant Quest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


I am a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. More specific instances of sexism for each character will be addressed in future blogs. The women of the series are mainly minor characters and are always in relation to a male, never standing on their own. Goku, the lovable hero whom I adore, is married to Chi-Chi far left women in yellow and purple. Although Chi-Chi is introduced early on in Dragon Ball, when both she and Goku are children, she is not a recurring character until she marries Goku at the end of Dragon Ball. Then she is defined by her constant worrying and obsessive parenting methods. When she was introduced she was a daughter and a future love interest. Until I began to look into feminism, I admit I found her funny most of the time. Bulma blue haired woman on the right is more of a major character. She makes the gadgets of the series and could have been a major player in the various conflicts to save the world, but instead her intelligence is overshadowed by the fact that she is a shallow teenager and later a shallow woman. The dragon balls, when all 7 are gathered together, grant an individual one wish.


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