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Fractured Space Update Introduces Custom Matches

I saw a post about a new ship, it kinda pissed me off. Per page: 15 30 The lanes fights are basically pointless, as you just need to maintain rough level parity and then Gamma happens every 5 minutes. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Originally posted by Deja Vroom! Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Yep, I loved the game too. Devastating news. Weird I have the same card in my pc and I run steady 60fps vsync locked with everything at max.


Bootstrapper I have just created a discussion covering this but I'm hoping creating an announcement will ensure this reaches everyone. The Bootleg launcher previously used has been phased out in favour of the Bootstrapper - if you have not updated to this new launcher, I urge you to do so, as it is vastly improved over the Bootleg Launcher and also has the capability to self update - meaning this should hopefully be the last launcher you install. Download The Bootstrap launcher can simply be found here [github. Hello everyone, I apologise again for the radio silence - but today i'm making a push for everyone to fix their bootlegger and finally have a solid ground on when games are up. To briefly sum up: The bootleg launcher is currently broken, but can be fixed if you check the pinned discussion in this group, i will be expecting all players to fix their bootleg launcher from now until there is a fix, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask in the KS3 discord. From now on this will be our weekly game time. I understand this makes it quite hard for non USA players to join in, but I feel its better we get some games going at the best time and then widen our scope depending on the success of these games. I will also mention now that there is a new launcher Tigerhacker just published in the KS3 Discord called the "bootstrapper" - since i have no info on whether this works I will simply direct players to the known fix. However if you wish to test this and validate it works, we can transition to using that from now on. That is all for now.


Game population rapidly shrinking to nothing self. When I started playing like a month ago there was usually about 1k people online and now every day it seems to go down by 10 players or so It's currently sitting at like This is make me sadden. Also what the heck is up with the matchmaker? So many matches time interracial self hatred or even before it loads into the actual match it will just randomly throw me back to the home screen as if Fractured space matchmaking just launched the game itself.

No errors or messages or anything. It's almost impossible to actually join a match now so I give up within like 5 minutes. I get 20 mins then an abortion, then "error finding match" and have to start the queue again. What I don't understand is the two waiting rooms after you join. One to hit r sometimes, other times it jumps to the next waiting room and another to swap ships.

The first one balances or is a loading area? Waits until everyone properly connects, then it balances the teams and gives you 1 minute to change ships. This and the long queue times are what killed the game for me. I'm not going to monitor the game for 20 minutes due to a buggy matchmaking system and I seriously don't want to grind out 74k exp just to try out a ship a might like.

It wouldn't be so bad if exp were global I love the way the game plays, but the insane amount of grinding they expect to get all my ships back just makes me feel Well the game itself hasn't been around THAT long and it's still "Early Access" I think with some good marketing and some getting the name out there from us source it's "released" it'll take off.

It's a great game and I keep coming back for more. Maybe more people would play if we could team up with more than one other person. But the whole reason we can't is because there aren't enough people Yeah I have to say it's holding me back. Fractured space matchmaking people get together and want to play Fractured Space, we just end up doing something else.

They should atleast have a non-ranked queue or something with any size of party. Early access or not, this game is unplayable not because of grind or balance issue but matchmaking. At most 5 mins fractured space matchmaking all of them, not the best internet around nor living in sweet region US East.

As I'm writing this, it's almost 10 minutes queue. Gonna back to warframe once the longer hand reach 8. This game fractured space matchmaking so much better than Dreadnought though. What a shame. Yeah I have server us west and east both active and I have a hard time finding matches. Even when I do it can be like ping. You do know that Wargaming have ton more resources than Obsidian right? Also WoT have been out for ages. Barely is right now for that matter.

And if anyone is gonna bother with a "early access" response you can save your time. I don't consider any game with a functioning cash shop as early access. But hopefully they're learning a lot from us and the release will be great.

Things will obviously pick up user-wise at that point. I still play a game or two every few days and I usually have less than a five minute wait for the first fractured space matchmaking I don't find that too bad. The good thing consider, dating persona test results apologise once I do get into a match we generally all requeue immediately and get put right back into another game with each other fairly fast.

Yep, I loved the game too. But the awful dog shit matchmaking caused me to turn away. How long has it been and it's still not fixed? Wtf are they doing, honestly. I love this game, I bought the most expensive pack I could and I really want to play but the devs are really making it hard for me. As of now, I feel like I completely wasted all my money. It's a bit early to start singing dirges for a game in the public alpha stage.

If the cost of the DLC was significant to you then remember not to invest visit web page hard in pre-releases next time.

You're buying into an unproven concept. Steam store reads that it "released" Nov 20, Also, what part of matchmaking putting people in a lobby together is an unproven concept? What concept even is there? But you could have played the beta of battlefront for free and realized it would be Titanfall all over again good graphics, silky smooth gameplay, minimal content. Yeah ever since they released the first DLC it has been impossible to play for many many people. They have no intention of ever adding a server browser and have done nothing to fix the matchmaking in the past months.

The Steam storefront "release" date is how long it's been in the store. The game is still in alpha, great mens dating profile examples game bomb dating takes years on average to go from alpha state to completed game.

But the matchmaking was fine, then the free weekend came and everything has gone to shit and nothing has been done since. It's just a little disappointing is all, because I really want to play the game but literally can't. I am going to quite because the gameplay is becoming grabage. The whole experience is grinding down to the Gamma fight.

The lanes fights are basically pointless, as you just need to maintain rough level parity and then Gamma happens every 5 minutes. The entire match is about killing it. Maybe for Gamma 4, but that's just because of the long respawn timers at that point. Gas 1 and 2 aren't be-all end-all fights, and for the most part if you're pressuring hard that early to their fobs, it's best to keep that momentum going and just press to the base.

I guarantee you they'll drop everything to counter your assault, so much that a single guy can cap Gamma. If anything else, the "always have a Protector" rule in matches so far or at the very least, a Disruptor only means someone needs to go Enforcer to press hard.

A Widow is also a great counter, since the missiles will drain energy reserves so much that the Protector can't actually do anything productive. They just need to fix shorten the matchmaking process and run another free-to-play weekend. BAM, 1, players again and guess what, those fractured space matchmaking, players have friends. It's Alpha and the free release weekend is over. It should be expected to dip for awhile, but I'm not nervous yet. I got tired of constantly getting match aborted, and being put back to the home screen that I gave up.

Now when I try to play, there are so few people that I leave in mashhad iran it finds a match. Too bad, was a see more game.

Stacking an entire team will never happen. They should bump the games up to 6v6 and allow 3 person teams to join matches. I doubt it.

Not in general matchmaking anyway. For ranked or special game modes maybe but not just random matches because the team of 5 friends will win against virtually every random team every time.

I don't understand why a game designed specifically around a 5v5 format would treat 5 man teams as a secondary consideration. Of course article source group of randoms will lose against a group working and communicating.

That's what teamplay is all about. I brought this point up a few days ago as It makes no sense. The game is designed around intense teamwork and yet doesn't support any features that foster teamwork. The chat box is like the only feature they added that remotely suggests teamwork, and chatboxes are miserable.

It's a recipe for a free check this out all. The only real clarification i've seen from the devs is that they are worried about alienating lone wolf players.

Since the population is so low there isn't an option to have separate playlists and so sochi olympic dating have decided to limit player groups to avoid situations 5 man premades going up against a team of randoms.

To me it just seems counter intuitive. It's the players that want to group and play together that you want to be focusing on to make the game grow.

Not lone matchmakers. Another scenario would be simply create a new matchmaking gametype that is only available if you learn more here a party of 5. It just matches you with another party of 5 and you roll fractured space matchmaking. It seems kind of half baked if they aren't going to implement a VOIP system in the game.

If they managed to do that then suddenly lone wolf players could speak with their teams quickly. What video card are you using?