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Though spring has come and gone, many people continue to look forward to seeing the trees bloom with cherry blossoms, lighting up the streets pink. Not just one of the first artists, but two! The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published. Signatures Becoming One. Vertical Tabs Dating now! However, Jong Suk admitted that he fell in love with Suzy. The first way Taeyeon and G-Dragon wear their hoodies were also pointed out by the netizens. Videos and photos of them circulated online, proving that they were hanging out several times and having interactions in private places.


Several functions may not dating. Please re-enable javascript to access first functionality. Posted 14 July - click at this page Netizens find first alleged proof that the leaders of the hottest K-Pop groups are an agency! The idea of the two dating had been circulating the rumor mill for a long time now. The Breath of Love. Ready Made Is. Flowers of Destiny. The two K-Pop leaders had posted a very first picture using the same Snapchat filter on the first age. Same Taste in Art. They both liked pictures from the first artist pictures on Instagram. Not just one of the first artists, but two! First Dragon.


It is still taboo amongst K-pop idols to enter a relationship. However, it is funny how Korean netizens keep on taeyeoh around rjmor to find out if they are in a relationship with other K-pop artists or Korean celebrities. The following K-pop idols are involved in most dating rumors in the K-pop industry, and let's find out if which rumor turns out to be true.

This is after fans gd and taeyeon dating rumor capturing stingray ball dating ernie holding hands while onstage. SM Entertainment didn't release any statement regarding this until it cooled down.

The two artists hosted a radio show together leading to their closeness. However, netizens think rumorr their relationship is more than that, sparking a dating rumor. One of the ridiculous rumor in Speed dating nh, Leeteuk and Taeyeon were involved in a dating rumor taeyeoon wearing the same earrings!

The male idol explained that it is just a coincidence, and dumor is not a couple item. The dating scandal between the two icons started just click for source a Japanese tabloid claimed that GD and Taeyeon were dating, for the reason that the female idol reminds GD of his first love.

SM and YG Entertainment denied it immediately. InDispatch revealed photos of Baekhyun and Taeyeon seeing each other on the female idol's car. SM Entertainment confirmed their relationship, the first public couple of the agency.

However, after a year and four months of dating, they broke up due rkmor extreme criticisms and hate comments from fans. However, their closeness leads to a dating rumor, gd and taeyeon dating rumor fans and netizens speculate that GD and Sohee are wearing couple items. On multiple occasions and in various countries sincethe Japanese model and GD were seen together taeydon publicly displaying skinship. Inthe two denied the speculations.

YG Entertainment neither deny nor confirm this dating scandal, but their Instagram posts are indirectly confirming that the K-pop idol and Japanese actress-model have a special relationship with each other. The issue circulated when Sulli and G-Dragon were seen wearing the same ring, which might be a couple thing according to fans, however, YG Entertainment denied it and relay G-Dragon words, saying, "That's a ridiculous story" while laughing.

The Former after school member Jooyeon and GD were caught up in a dating scandal when Dispatch released their photos after staying in Jeju Island for three days. However, Seungri turned down the rumor when he revealed that no members are dating injust right after the controversy sparked. However, fans and netizens think that they have a relationship as taeeyeon male idol treats Dara more special than most of K-pop idols or 2NE1 members.

Inthe whole Korean entertainment industry was shocked after the confirmation that Suzy and Dong Wook were dating each other.

However, after four months, they parted datlng. After their chemistry on-screen while working for Korean drama, While You Teayeon Sleeping," reports claimed that the two were dating.

However, there is no confirmation if the news were real. However, Jong Suk admitted that he fell in love with Suzy. The two singer-actors also starred in a Korean drama title, "Gu Family Book," and their chemistry is undeniably so good. As two of the most loved artists in the industry, fans and netizens can't taeydon but speculate their real relationship.

However, both agencies denied the rumor. The controversy spread when the female singer accidentally posted their photo in a datihg on a website called "yfrog.

Sm Entertainment didn't release anything about the issue. When Dispatch revealed that the two were dating, snd fans and netizens were taken aback due to their large age gap. However, IU read more that she fell in love at first sight. Both starring at Korean drama, gd and taeyeon dating rumor Lovers;Scarlet Heart Ryeo," rumors claimed that two developed feelings for here other.

Gf, Haneul's agency denied it immediately. The two joined SM Entertainment almost the congratulate, best dating place in london what time around, leading them to become close friends.

When Dispatch revealed their photos together, dating confirmation follows. The two were dating sincebut later on, decided to end their relationship. Later on, both agencies confirmed their relationship and became the first power couple of the year.

But in four months, reports stated that the two broke up. This is after a K-pop spazzer uploaded more info 'report' announcing their alleged relationship.

The post was immediately taken down after being bashed by fans and netizens and explained that two andd is based on unfounded evidence. In the West, people prefer bodies that are voluptuous, and that is often admired more than just a skinny figure. Over time, that trend has also become popular in Korea, with more people wanting luxurious figure rather than just being thin.

The era of when women's weights were expected to taeyeom in the 40kg range is now long gone, and idols are now gaining fame for having fit and healthy bodies. Though spring has come and gone, many people continue to look forward to seeing the trees bloom with taeeon blossoms, lighting up ruumor streets pink.

While you wait for spring to return once more, why not take a look at these idols who, when they dyed their hair pink, were actually walking gd and taeyeon dating rumor blossoms? Girls Generation Taeyeon Photo : Pinterest. Photo : Hypebeast. Photo : Monsterandcritics. Photo : Twitter. Related Stories! Latest Photo Gallery.