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Before, I would commute in very early to beat traffic and continue to stay online long after the end of my days by reading, replying, and talking to folks across all social media platforms. Working from home is now the norm for nearly everyone at Challenge names and details may not reflect final design Now, I will pass things over to Max to talk about some additional features that are works-in-progress. So all that we need to do is now map either an old content ID, or an old MCC content ID, to an ID that is the combination of a palette type and an index within that palette. Is that new? I just want to play some halo on PC man. If you add or remove content those IDs shift. We heard you and we agreed: Everyone should have an opportunity to weigh in!


This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. When I play a match I connect just fine but after my first match I can't connect to any others until I restart the game. The error code says "Connection Interupted". It's super weird and extremely frustrating. Show More Show Less. Still not working. Worked ok for the first couple days now always stuck on the matchmaking screen where it resets or kicks me back to the multiplayer menu. Relays are off and I can't get a refund cause I'm past 2 hours playtime or staring at the matchmaking screen I should say. Unacceptable Matchmaking was working for me yesterday, just now though I've queued for about an hour without any games found. My problem is when I try to play multiplayer i can find people really fast and then when the map finishes loading it kicks me out and says I have won.


To kick things off, we will check in on people working from home and see how this unique reality is impacting their day to day. Then, we will get a Design Update that goes in depth on several new features and the playlist schedule for the month of May.

Lastly, we will be looking at the most recent flight for Halo 2, what folks can expect for playlist updates in the coming month, and an overall project update for MCC.

Working from home is now the norm for nearly everyone at This way of life is something each of us has handled differently as we are all in our own unique situations. It has been nearly 2 months since I and many others last stepped foot inside of the offices at The safety and wellbeing of our teams and their families is the top priority so everyone across the studio has been adjusting and adapting to working remotely.

Our studio members have taken this change click to see more stride and pushed through the challenges that have come with it to continue driving progress against development milestones.

Today, we wanted to share some insights into how each of us have been handling the changes to working from home and share the stories we have been going through and what our lives now look like as we continue to work on Halo! Days have begun to somewhat blur together at this point with his nap schedules mirroring mine or being just timely enough to conduct meetings. Each daily meeting when he has been here consists of patrolling the farm and live streaming chickens, goats, and tractors.

My at home setup is having twin 4k monitors side by side with my monster work PC setup alongside my Xbox One X. It has helped significantly in ensuring the most pixels possible! For me, the biggest challenges in working from home has been the lack of socialization.

Going to lunches with my team was one of the most enjoyable parts of each day. I miss our Ramen, Poke, and random food adventures around the studio. Just good, wholesome, hearts dating lonely laugh-filled afternoons of catching up with those I care about. Working on games is so fun because of the people you work with.

I would say that is the most challenging piece, apart from ensuring to stay on a proper day-night sleep schedule in between binge watching random cooking shows and House M. This is an interesting piece because of where I live in relation to the office. I grew up in the sticks, I love living in the sticks, but I also have to drive from the sticks to civilization each day for 40 miles on freeways that are the core routes to and from the greater Seattle area.

When commuting with normal traffic, my drives take anywhere between hours each way. As pretty much everyone knows from my extensive moaning over this drive, it is not fun, and I complain about it quite vocally because I can!

Soon though, I will be relocating significantly closer to the office so the drive is not as bad. I have come to find out that my work life balance issues of article source stem mostly from the long drives.

For the sanity of not only myself, but for those who must work with me, I will be doing us all a favor lol. The silver lining to the current situation is that I have been reclaiming those lost traffic hours. My work life balance has become much more balanced! With not constantly having to be on the go and working entirely remotely I have become much more balanced in my ability to get offline and stay offline at the end of my days.

Before, I would commute in very early to beat traffic and continue to stay online long after the end of my days by reading, replying, and talking to folks across all social media platforms. In closing, working remotely and seeing everyone rise to the challenge has been inspiring to say the least. Everyone is facing this together and the comradery amongst such a diverse team that spans so many disciplines is unbelievable to be witness to. Stay safe out there everyone!

Catch you later! When we were mandated to start working from home, I decided to haul home my work PC and set myself up with a nifty folding table in my garage. When I walk into my house, I physically leave all my work behind me. With no time for in-person hallway conversations or desk drop-ins, people are filling their calendars with meetings!

Not seeing your colleagues is challenging. Working from home has been an interesting experience for me as I just recently joined the team. It has been challenging, but it is an experience I have taken well in stride. I have really made the world my home office and enjoy taking walks and hikes while still participating in our regular meetings. But, when I am in my actual home office, my PC is setup just the way I like. This setup helps me to keep on top of all the pieces I am working on to support the team at large.

My manager has helped to facilitate the gathering of resources as well is dating what quizlet radioactive the adaptation to the work from home environment causing a smooth transition thus far.

Balancing work-life responsibilities can be a challenge anyone. I often find myself taking small free russian personals dating throughout the day to make sure that I have a clear head before starting each task.

The situation has helped me understand how to improve my own efficiency and focus while maintaining a healthy is halo mcc matchmaking working yet relationship. My PC has always been a constantly growing force to be reckoned with, as it lives within a workbench case for easy swapping of components.

Shortly after WFH began, the Production team equipped me with a new GPU and a snazzy high refresh rate monitor to go with it, rounding out my capabilities and helping to ensure I can assess our VFR implementation from home.

Because of this, I have become a home-school teacher on top of my regular work week. I had about 2 days to figure out how to continue her education for the remainder of the school year while I simultaneously support my team and complete my work. It has been a daily balancing act that I am finally getting comfortable with. Actual footage of my life right now:. This has resulted in my home being exploded into boxes and bags. It's been interesting trying to close on my house while the whole world is shut down around me.

I've had great support from everyone involved and have even received some early housewarming gifts from some of the folks on the Pub Team! I've began taking Wednesday's off work to spend the day sitting with my daughter and helping her stay engaged and focused on learning.

I try to avoid rolling out of bed source into work, so I've started setting up the slow cooker for dinner before I begin my workday. The benefit is twofold since the house smells amazing all day and by the time I'm done with work, dinner is already done! The challenges that all have been facing are honestly unprecedented.

I want to leave a heartfelt thank you to the IT team at that has been working safely behind the scenes to help ensure our remote development teams are empowered to still do their best work. They are literally the heroes of us all and without them literally nothing would be happening. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Thanks Tyler, With the launch of Halo 2 on PC, we are releasing an early version of our challenges feature. This preview of the challenges feature is designed to meet one specific goal: granting players XP for completing campaign missions.

Each week, the first campaign mission a player completes on each difficulty in each game in MCC will grant XP. Upon completing these challenges, a notification will appear, and the player will receive XP payouts tuned to the difficulty they played on. These challenges can be completed in campaign or campaign playlists. In a future MCC update, the full challenges feature will be released. This will include a much broader suite of challenges which reward players with XP, Season Points, and unique unlocks for engaging with game modes and content across MCC in different ways.

Challenges will be displayed to players via the Challenge Hub screen which we shared a mockup of in our previous MCC Development Update. Players will also be able to pin a challenge to the main menu for easier tracking.

Challenges will refresh on varying timetables: some weekly, some seasonal, and some for special events. Challenge names and details may not reflect final design. Now, I will pass things over to Max to talk about some additional features that are works-in-progress.

Thanks, Dana! Progress on Forge is coming along check this out Halo: Reach, with the focus being on improving controls for mouse and keyboard, UI improvements for PC, and adding support for remappable keybinds for Forge actions.

In addition to core Forge functionality for PC, we also have infrastructure work to do in our file share system, which requires additional consideration for PC. Our goal is to support a cross-platform file share system that ensures the health and integrity of files shared in the ecosystem. PC gives users more flexibility in terms of what can be created and shared, which will result in new is halo mcc matchmaking working yet unexpected content.

We want users to understand where files are coming from and make it clearer which are user generated versus built in or considered trusted. We also plan to include an option to toggle file visibility for these different types so users have control over what is available and shown on their local device. Given how closely users associate Forge with File Share, we want to ensure all the appropriate infrastructure is in place before both features are rolled out.

Work is also in progress on improving keybinding functionalityincluding the ability to have a secondary keybinding. Users will be able to include a secondary keybind for any of the currently bindable actions and to unbind keys with a single action. Some remappable keys are considered global and do not allow multiple keys to be is halo mcc matchmaking working yet, though there are relatively few of these.

We are also working ethiopia online dating adding push-to-talk support in for controllers on PC, which will be mapped by default to the down button on the D-Pad. Another feature we hear requests for is the ability to toggle the weapon view model offset so that more of the battlefield is visible.

We are adding sliders is halo mcc matchmaking working yet the settings menu for each weapon category that allows players to is halo mcc matchmaking working yet the X and Y offset of the weapon view model.

The adjustment can be previewed in the pause menu like the FOV slider. If players want more control over the offset, additional adjustments are possible for the weapons in a configuration file.

Adjustments beyond what is offered in the UI are possible for custom games, though we will be limiting the adjustment for matchmade games. Here are some comparison images of the DMR with default offsets versus a 15 percent offset in X and Y.

Thanks Dana and Max for all the info and screenshots of these work-in-progress features! Before we wrap up the design section, we wanted to share out the currently planned playlist rotations for the month of May in MCC. We invited just overHalo Insiders and invited around 75, more for the final weekend. We were very excited to get this flight out to everyone once bugs from Rings 1 and 2 were all fixed up.

With this flight, it was all systems go for our new flighting invites and messaging structure for Halo Insiders. Our new Halo Waypoint focused messaging included direct links to knowledge-based articles KBAs which were hosted on the Insider Halo Support site for flight participants only.