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I agree 2 I disagree 0. Free Features. Thanks for being part of the YouThenMe community! Early days, but seems better than most I've tried in the past. Other recommended sites by this reviewer: Eharmony. Plenty more fish on the other hand is only really a UK brand. Some of these men actually think single mothers do not get to be picky and should be happy to go with every riff raff that speaks to them and should be graceful for it. I was unable to send a message for no reason. Why are you telling me this?


We were surprised too, but Plenty of Fish really holds up against other dating services with an in-depth matching process and free access to the most useful features on the website. This matchmaking service has a signup process that is incredibly in-depth. You can then show a little bit of personality in writing a short description of yourself and uploading photos. This initial setup is followed by a chemistry assessment consisting of more than 70 questions. The questions cover a wide spectrum of personality traits and preferences like if you consider yourself productive, whether you like scary movies, if you express yourself easily and whether people see you as stubborn or not. This really helps improve the quality of your matches. It took our reviewers 20 minutes just to complete the required part of profile setup. Only Elite Singles took longer. There is a free Plenty of Fish app for checking your matches and messaging them right from your phone. Users are moving to predominantly free mobile dating apps in general. According to the Online Dating Survey for Consumer Reports, Plenty of Fish was ranked the fourth best online dating service in overall satisfaction, coming in after OkCupid , Tinder and Grindr, an app marketed to gay men. The Plenty of Fish app is intuitive and, just like the website, gives you access to user profiles and messaging without having to pay for a membership. Photo messaging is available but that feature does require a membership fee.


Visit plentymorefish. Our community would love it eating you told them WHY you agree or disagree with this comment. Please let us know using the form below! Your reply has been automatically approved. Thanks dting being part of the YouThenMe community!

They are magnets for them because they are free. The reason for thuis is that there are many more men than women. The site therefore e-mails men with introducties lines from women without the women choosing to do this!

I knie, They admitted it. Then the women, having not chosen to contact you then ignore or delete you. No, your not reading this wrong, this site is called plenty more fish, not plenty of fish and yes, they are two completely different dating sites.

Plenty more fish on the other hand is only really a UK brand. In fact, the owner of POF, Marcus Frind is very aware of this and has tried to take legal action against plenty more fish several plenty more fish dating site reviews but has lost every time.

The company has done some TV advertising with the below advert sorry, clearly this has been recorded off a tv but its the only copy I can find. TV advertising costs thousands so we know this company has a lot of money behind it. Did you skte up thinking you were signing up to Pof? Could you tell the difference? Did you realise you were on the wrong site? Home About Contact Dating sites. Toggle navigation. Pemain dating agency cyrano more fish Plentymorefish.

Avg rating 43 reviews. What do you think of plentymorefish. Review title. Star rating. Tell us about your experience. What dating site do you recommend instead of plentymorefish. Leave your email to see replies to your review. Overall rating. Soon as you are conned into taking the full membership the question dating early stages tips variant stop, why do the only folk who message you stay miles away, and when you do message someone whose profile shows up, you fiwh they have now left the site.

Places in dating singapore popular you do message someone the reply tends to be stilted as if computer generated.

I reckon it's a con! Other recommended plentty by this reviewer: Not tried any othet. What do you think of this review? I agree 4 I disagree 0. Thanks for your feedback! Your reply. Your email. Thanks for your reply! Confused, you will be. If you searched for Plenty more fish and clicked on this review site then morw afraid you've been misled. This site claims to be 'The dating reviews site, run by you!

Real reviews, from real people' hmmm, maybe not. This site hasn't been updated for years the reviews are undated and their Twitter feed was starts and ends 17th Feb However, the site shows our branding The Screen Grab of our front page albeit a very old one and a link to a website that isn't ours. The damage this kind of thing does to our reputation is very real especially as this site ranks highly on Google for searches like Plenty More Fish. Pleny advertise on Google, TV and Radio and have one of the best anti spammer software set ups in the market to keep you safe.

It's such a shame that poor review sites give the opportunity for literally anyone, even our competitors no registration required to leave bad nore for sites like ours! Make your own mind up, join Plentymorefish. I agree 2 I disagree 0. Find other singles interested in pop music on plentymorefish. I agree 2 I disagree 1. She comes and goes, she comes and go-oooooes.

If you really want to find someone single in your area then the Single Pond is for you. Visit www. I agree 6 I disagree 0. Just like this review. It's hard to believe that anything could be as brilliant as this web site. I agree 4 I disagree 1. Spartacus is a great TV series on Netflix.

Yet another review written to show how easy it is to post about a site without actually being a part of it! I agree 1 I disagree 0. Utterly superb. Another review written to show how easy it is to post about a legal for dating in without actually being a part of it!

Other recommended sites by this plenty more fish dating site reviews www. This review was written to show ho easy it is to post about a site without actually being a part of it! I agree 1 I disagree 1. I would gladly sell my home and all of it's contents if I could remain a member of this site.

What a great phrase, someone should have made a dating site az up mesa hook around this. You will not believe how good this site is. It's superb. You must give it a go. I think Plentymorefish. I agree 3 I disagree 0. I don't recognise some of the neg reviews on here.

Not what I've seen. Keep up the good work. Of all the sites i've tried, and there are stie, this would be in my top 3. It feels safer than most. Occasionally I will get a suspicious looking message which, when I go to look at it, the associated profile has already been taken down. That might be seen as odd to some, but yYou really get the feeling that there are a team plenty more fish dating site reviews people behind this site that take the bad girl dating boy of members as seriously as I do.

This must be an old review site, because the site Read more joined last week doesn't look anything like the screen grab here, apart from the logo. Even dating uk black online link is wrong, goes They seem to mean Plentymorefish. Anyway, Plentymorefish. Early days, but seems better than most I've tried in mote past. I agree 5 I disagree 0.

I like this site because I still prefer my online dating simple and human. Apps are too brutal, swipe and dismiss. I prefer to say Hi, how you doing? The link on this page goes to a site that's suspended. Can't complain, been a member for 3 months and been on 5 dates, none of them monsters, just not right for me ATM. I'm sure there's someone on there that I will click with and so will carry on with this one for a bit. Free sites are magnets for scammers and liars and fake profiles, because they can create accounts with no cost.

Anyone who goes on a free site is asking revisws trouble and usually gets totally free gay dating sites uk. I originally signed up for 6 months and coudn't login on the first weekend but I had my welcum email and got in touch with them thru facebook. They were really helpful and gave me a support email who sorted it for me, still getting to grips with the site and will come back and leave another review later.

I joined www. Been on many dating sites and this is one of the better ones.