valentines day gift ideas for newly dating

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19 Valentine's Day Gifts For The Dude You Just Started Dating

And each of the above has its perks: At a concert, you can dance like maniacs together and bond over your sweet, sweet dance moves. What's sexier than a little competition? If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. This is a particularly great gift for fans of the popular web comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, since creator Zach Weinersmith is one of the co-authors of this book. Super-nice notebooks. Texting-friendly gloves. Look for a place you know your partner frequents or talks about and see if they offer gift memberships. Selecting gifts for a new relationship is not an easy task.


As Vanessa Marin , licensed marriage and family therapist and Lifehacker contributor , explains, surprising them with a lavish celebration can be a recipe for disaster. Get it out in the open, discuss it honestly, and come up with a plan together that makes you both feel comfortable. So, as a general guideline, Marin recommends you base your plans off of your exclusivity, or lack thereof:. If you feel the need to do something , Nerdlove suggests you go with something small but cute like a cheesy card at most. That said, Nerdlove still warns against anything too extravagant:. Even if you do have a date night, you should probably still avoid giving gifts. As Marin explains, one person inevitably ends up spending more than the other person, and both parties are left feeling awkward. And you should absolutely avoid giving any extravagant gifts , says Nerdlove. Big gifts very early on in a relationship raises a huge red flag to most people and will probably freak them out. Maybe a book by their favorite author, or a movie you both mentioned wanting to see. The A. Patrick Allan.


Our gift guide is packed with gift ideas for your new boyfriend, FWB, or on-again-off-again guy. If you want to go the exztra mile and bundle this gift with a bottle of his favorite datting or a set of whiskey rocksso much the better. Check out our guide ray the best gifts for bartenders for more gift ideas in this vein. Looking for a clever gift for a bookish, science-minded sort? This awesome book is perfect for the guy who loves thinking about how things work. This is a particularly great gift for fans of the popular web comic Saturday Morning Datinng Cereal, since creator Zach Weinersmith is one of the co-authors of this book.

Co-authors Kelly and Zach are married, which means this gift does have a low key romantic angle, too. No question. We recommend picking it up on vinyl, for maximum cool points.

Dating a musician? Wow him with this little luxury, a guitar tuning that automates the tuning process. It boasts eight pre-set alternate tunings for guitars, and newpy offers the ability to create custom tuning. The Roadie tuner works with traditional guitars, as well as seven string and 12 string models.

It also works on ukuleles and banjos that have standard guitar pegs. Tuning is a pain, so this labor-saving device will definitely appeal. That being said, it may be a really good gift idea for a particular type of guy. It can be a great idea for any guy who is obsessively organized, or maybe just really needs to get organized. Panera is fast and newlj, making it a popular choice with folks of all ages, especially on lunch breaks. This funny shirt is perfect for the antisocial gamer in your life.

Available in sizes from small to 3XL. We can pretty much guarantee that you will be the only person to give a pizza hammock to someone this Christmas.

This funky, oddball gift is perfect for dudes who love valentines day gift ideas for newly dating, camping, or just chilling in the backyard. This is great for outdoor living, but some guys might also consider hanging it in their bedroom, den, or man cave. The hammock sets up in less than 30 seconds, and the attached stuff-sack contains the entire hammock, making it easy to pack away when you are done using it.

Or a pizza pillow. This 24K gold overlay chain is a great gift for the man who wants to make a statement. This Northern Brewers Beer Brewing Kit comes with everything you need including brewing vessels, yeast, and hops, and grains. Brewing your own beer is super fun, and a lot cheaper than buying beer at the store. Curious pro online dating articles opinion gift is a great winter project for beer lovers.

Tinggly is a really cool company that specializes in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can redeem this voucher for one of their cool events, including a day diving with sharks, visting a yoga retreat in India, or even having dinner with a NASA astronaut.

Please note that the voucher only covers the cost of activity, and not travel to and from the destination where the adventure takes place. This kooky All-Seeing Eye Pizza Sweatshirt is a great gift for anyone who loves pizza and conspiracy theories in equal measure.

Maybe you and continue reading new beau have bonded over your love for the show The Office. This mug is the perfect low key gift to show him you care without going to over the top. This blanket comes in all college teams and valsntines made with very soft and durable fabric.

It has a nice professional smell that he can wear to the office, on dates with you, or even out with the guys. Check out the reviews, which are almost all positive.

All photographers need a fashionable strap for their camera. This one is made with beautiful leather. It keeps beer bottles super cold, even in the warmest conditions i. For novice cooks, bacon lovers, or guys who love to eat, this is a great first gift. Wine lovers will agree, this is one of the best and affordable wine openers on the market. It makes popping open a bottle of your favorite vino valentines day gift ideas for newly dating little bit too easy!

Check out the thousands of amazing reviews. We highly recommend this gift option. Encourage someone to get creative in go here kitchen with some fancy sea salt like this truffle flavored option.

Help your guy dress a little snazzier with some cool and stylish pocket squares. This affordable gift set comes with six awesome and unique designs that he can wear for vvalentines and fun. This game is made for a new relationship. The cards valentines day gift ideas for newly dating perfect for a date night where you want to get down to business, skip the small talk and really learn about valentinee another.

The cards ask meaningful questions that make a relationship last. By Lara Tumer. Updated Jan 2, at am. Shop Now. Our Review.

Read More. Choose a great gift for your new boyfriend. Whether you're at the "I love you stage" or not, this guide will help you navigate holidays and birthdays.