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Sometimes Lukas Haas — erstwhile child star of Witness , present-day musician-actor-best friend of Leonardo DiCaprio — calls you to talk about his music. By Sarah Burke. Do you look up people online before you go out with them? The Campbell and it's one thing we're talking about but to see them in the world. It's great so the EP um it's really changed, but then it was the European Endangered Species program. Just when you get over them, they come back. Meanwhile, their behavior makes you feel worse because you were getting over them so nicely!


Sometimes Lukas Haas — erstwhile child star of Witness , present-day musician-actor-best friend of Leonardo DiCaprio — calls you to talk about his music. I appreciate the take on it. And that was a New York Magazine story! I was reading old profiles of you, and the fact that you were interested in music, or liked to play around with music, came up a lot. Basically, I kind of have been obsessed with music from a young age. Anyone who knows me knows that I talk about the Beatles way too much. I got a drum set and I played along in the garage. I got my keyboards and started playing the guitar. Basically, I just saw my buddy — he was freaking out over this girl on the phone, and he was just going through Instagram and refreshing his messages. I was trying to talk to him, but he was pretty much just in his phone. I think anybody sort of can these days, who has a smartphone, anyway.


This is a programme between EAZA European Zoos that aims to conserve and protect healthy populations of particular species. Here Jane shares more about what her role as coordinator involves. Also joined by Tom from our Bird Team, we hope vulture dating enjoy this fascinating insight to the world of vulture dating!

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Datijg or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. An insight to vulture breeding. IVAD at the Trust.

Interview with Andre. Why do we love datiny Save vultures from extinction! Young Black Kites, Attenborough and Irwin, have dqting free click the following article the first time this week!

Attenborough and Irwin vulturs vulture dating though and are stars of the future to look out for in our displays. Enjoy this behind-the-scenes vulture dating to training birds to take part in our displays. Our Egyptian Vulture, Boe, is a superb bird to watch in flight and this summer has been treating us to some wonderful high flying. We track her using GPS which datlng we can see in real time ed dating site where she is, how fast she's flying and what altitude she is at.

It also provides us with a 3D mapped route that she's taken, like this one vulture dating recorded In June this year we were delighted to welcome two new members to our team, Black Kites Attenborough and Irwin.

The pair hatched in May and are both really inquisitive. Now fully grown, the fun vultuure the training begins. Watch this video from Related Pages See All. Chris Packham. Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. Hawk and Owl Trust. The Golden Lion. Andover UK. The Devon Bird of Prey Centre. Feathers Restaurant. Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre.

The Wildlife Trusts. Video Transcript. Hello welcome to the Tuesday of chat. My name is Jane and I'm a member of the team and today I'm gonna chat with daging colleagues. My best friend is dating my crush yahoo from one of my own. Hello there. Thank you so much for joining us and now Jane you and I normally work together on the team. Vulture dating and how do you coordinate?

It's great so the Vulturs um it's really changed, dqting then it was the European Endangered Species program. On the paper and a little bit more, this is a Three-level, says an EP, which is datint highest level which is actually making recommendations and birds around to create that genetic pairs all the way down to monitoring program where we're just putting it on a spreadsheet. Two so two is basically conservation work. Population outside of the world and the So it's actually marrying the two together and which was in the winter time nicely for us.

We have a wonderful in the department and they do a lot of research of the African species um and that is the program I actually it's the yes, so it's not all of the species but here at the trust datinv that will take quite a lot. I think a lot better and so it's it's for the African white back. This is great. Live down at the restaurant and we're in the grin rooms right now, so they're just culture the side of this wall, basically um and then right up at the top of the park, but you might see flying in our displays at Cassius Vulture dating as well um and also Simba is just joined us last year.

Yeah, datlng of last year's favorites, which is fantastic. Six and at that time, they were so concerned so they won't have to be worried about them, but we were involved in a still involved in a breeding program in Pakistan. The parents, they're really good, so we wanted to give an opportunity to produce they want to uh they're quite social species. They've helped us and fortunately for us, vhlture did up because the situation change correctly.

So in when we first arrived, there was vulture dating concern bywe moved to a friend and by I've actually changed the vulnerable and sadly in Say along with most of the African vultures have become critically endangered, so the fight is on the way to make sure that species um vultue back inCampbell and I and Campbell is vulhure our head of conservation research. He started talking to me about what I like to run in this book and I've talked about a little bit with you about in a very minor way.

So I to me he actually approached, which is a European It's in the program and ask see more we could, but you can't just start when you have to actually have the approval so he vulture dating that and start didn't mean anything of it and then in October ofI got a letter saying congratulations.

You are the no okay. I just said to Campbell, is that right? Yeah I did and so I went to Penny's and said. On this program vultre obviously it's going to take up some of my time and she breaks and he said yes.

And it's very important to look what we do the conservation research uh and it ties in very nicely with the research that we're doing as well. So it was exciting but daunting absolutely. So what's what's the best part about having that role? Then I mean, obviously you sating get quite attached to some of the birds that are on site here just just as we all do on the team um but I mean you kinda get to follow some of this.

Some of the birds that have hatched yet or even hatch somewhere else and then where they where they end up vulture dating so vulthre something you kinda have that sense of relationships with those birds you do and the thing about the system is of course, you can follow a bird as it's like um parts of being a member of the other is that any species that you hold and that's be a virgin animal parts of the UP.

What's best for that species and so it's a coordinator contacts. So it's great vulture dating some sort of like really a little bit more to look at that. We've actually got youngsters in with the parents now in the world, they're actually disperse so sometimes having you. With the adults can mean that stops the breeding again so that they won't actually breed every year in the month um in captivity, it's it's great.

Uh so that was one of the challenges really and it's good for you. The one of the bars of the moments is that currently vultue have eighty-nine watches and 53 boys 34 girls two mens although I believe we. One of the young then became a female dissect, so that's good. So a lot of these vouchers were part of the consignment of a technique in a while back in vultuge, and they've actually gone out to captions within Europe and that's how we got in here. Rules yahoo dating wasn't just the Africans.

We also bought six white heads and six heads and so one of the things we said. You know we have a responsible life and that's our program. So that's what learn more here said we would do. I love this idea vulture dating finding a match between two birds. It's like a vulture dating app, swipe right vulture dating left with one and it's funny that they do.

I mean you you can have a match that's perfect dsting paper, but the vylture just isn't there and other. And the Europeans they've done some research um and so genetic profiles that match vjlture pair together and that's something that we actually do in the moment as we're genetically profiling of over sixty of them and compares datting the genetics and fating so you can find out lots of wilds.

We still got in the pension um, but it also might be interesting to see what you've got. You know what's whether there's any connection there uh and that that's fulture layers to actually match in the future so people that have been following the page here or who are members of the trust that they'll probably notice in the vault is by yes, I'll probably recognized Angus and Sara, which they're not like vultures but very successful breeding birds here the trust that they are.

That's right. I mean it was when we first got the vultures. They were very young and you can tell what it. Boys and girls very easily, but as soon as they get, you know, it's not the other species. And they've produced and they've actually produced. Sadly, it's another christy's. Unfortunately, so we know these birds aren't doing that well in the wild and there for over time the chances for us to go and see them in the wild is the kind of really have you had an opportunity to see what the cultures vulture dating the world.

I vulfure and it's one of the things that feel like my passion and and how I got into this conversation because it was actually a good. The Campbell and it's one thing we're talking about but to see them in datibg world. It's it's amazing. I vulture dating I've always love watches and everybody gets to do and they are such a fantastic wonderful to work with, but just seeing them in the world and seeing everything that Campbell vultuge tell me about how they came to be vulture dating just watch the interactions.

It's amazing. It's one thing to talk about it. I'd love to see it for yourself and I'm always looking up as vu,ture well in to go up to the same program the trust to see what that is in a colony there and uh it's just Unreal. One of the criteria for getting dsting job here is you fating to look you can't move forward on that subject.